Common Sense Missing In Government

April/10/2010 15:27PM
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Want proof we need big changes in government?

California will have the Chinese built the high-speed railroad system that will be financed by stimulus money. No new jobs in America. The Chinese will even bring over engineers to do the job. And, California doesn’t even need high speed rail. Plus, the Chinese may finance what the stimulus bill doesn’t cover.

No one in their right mind would add 30 million new patients to an over-burdened medical system without adding new doctors, nurses or hospital.

Every time any government has raised taxes they collect less. But, every state and the federal government are considering raising taxes.

Every country that has added a value added tax has suffered economically. The government grows, but the economy suffers. We are going to see a VAT proposal from the federal government in the next few months.

California wanted to lead the country with cap and tax. Now, they are going to repeal it because they can’t afford the cost. Meanwhile the bill has passed the House and it’s high on Obama’s list of things to do.

Unions have destroyed the auto industry in America. They have put state budgets in serious jeopardy. Obama wants card check to expand union membership in every area of American business.

Wal-Mart is the most successful business in America. The federal government hates Wal-Mart. They want them unionized. Cities like Chicago hate Wal-Mart. They won’t approve zoning for new stores. Yet, the poor in America shop at Wal-Mart in droves. It allows them to stretch tight family budgets. But, the left wing liberals attack the chain. Can anyone explain this?

As global warming dies a slow death, just like asbestos, breast implants, DDT, and other boons to the lawyers and revenue generators to governments, what will replace this scam? Name that scam. What will be the next cause that will create guilt, create economic pain, millions of deaths(DDT), or generate billions for governments, and push socialism? Stupid fear mongering that stops offshore drilling, nuclear plants, or progress of any kind? It will come. The media has a big hole in their programming since they dedicated hours and pages to global warming every day. They and their liberal friends desperately need a new cause.

Who in their right minds would let a government that can’t run anything run health care?

Why would the Federal Government adopt a health care plan that is failing in Massachuttes? Why would the governor who put that plan in place think he should run for President?
As California and Illinois go broke, what fool would expand their mistakes across the country?

When it has been proven over many years that attorneys make poor managers, who would keep electing attorneys to public office?

While our education system fails due to lack of accountability by teachers, why do we let the teacher’s unions keep us from insisting on accountability?

We built the interstate highway system in less than ten years. Today, government red tape and lawsuits require 10 years to get a 20 mile stretch added to an interstate. Why do we tolerate it?

Why should 50% of the people in America pay zero taxes?

Why do we watch while social security goes broke?

Why do we let illegals stay in America?

Incompetent leadership at all levels of government have put us in a terrible hole. We are hell bent on voting them all out of office. But, as I look at the ones we plan to vote in to replace them, they look very much like the ones we are voting out.

Until we choose to elect people with common sense, not people who speak well, promise everything but have no experience fixing anything, we are following the old trap of doing the same thing the same way and expecting different results.

Few people with real leadership skills and common sense chooses to run for public office in this country. That type of leadership does not meet the criteria set by the media. Who wants to see their reputation skewered in the media daily?

Enemy number one in real change in America is the media. Until we help them out of business as we are now doing, they will have far too much influence in who runs for office and who gets elected. The New York Times needs to go broke. The same with NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, the Washington Post, the LA Times, the Arizona Republic, and most of the other corrupt media outlets in this country.

Only then can we expect good people to run for office and see them elected.

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