Arizona is Done With Illegal Immigrants

April/20/2010 16:56PM
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Every liberal in America is up in arms about the new immigration law sitting on the Arizona governor’s desk. The ACLU will file a lawsuit if it is signed into law by the governor, Jan Brewer. The media in Arizona is in an absolute frenzy. The New York Times has been all over this story. But, the truth of the matter is plain, residents of Arizona have had their fill of illegal immigrants.

The state is broke. The state can’t afford the high cost of illegals. Crime is out of hand, a very large percentage from the activities of illegal immigrants. One of every two illegals entering from the Southern Border come through Arizona. Piles of trash and dead bodies mark the roads they take. Illegal drug activity in Arizona is run out of Mexico. A rancher was killed for no reason and the suspects trail led back into Mexico.

The entire country has been coming down on Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his efforts to manage the illegal issues in Maricopa Country. Janet Napolitano made him one of her first priorities, taking away his rights to enforce an obscure ICE law. The media beats him up daily for raids where dozens of illegals are caught and held for ICE. The National Media has accused him of racial profiling.

While all of this was going on a funny thing happened. Arizona legislators, good pollers like all politicians today, realized Sheriff Joe was doing the work the overwhelming majority of the public wanted done. Suddenly, with all the problems they have in a state going broke, they saw an opportunity to gain political capital. They decided to make illegal, illegal. To ignore the media, ignore the former idiot governor, Janet Napolitano, and ignore the handful of protesters who gather when any effort to enforce illegal immigration is mentioned. They passed the toughest immigration reform bill in the country. The toughest you will ever see, unless Texas passes one.

Here are the highlights:
1. No state, county, or local official can limit this bill. A loser pays provisions applies to frivolous lawsuits.
2. Requires law enforcement to make a reasonable attempt to determine the immigration status of a person if that person is suspected to be illegal.
3. It’s a state crime to be illegal. You must carry an alien registration document.
4. It’s a crime for an illegal to work in Arizona.
5. It’s a crime to pick up a day laborer for work.
6. It’s a crime to harbor or shield an illegal.

Basically, here’s the deal if the governor signs the bill. Any suspected of being illegal can be asked for documentation. Failure to provide documentation is sufficient to prove guilt. The person will be held in custody for ICE. If you hire an illegal you just committed a crime. If you pick one up for a day job, you committed a crime. If you hide a known illegal you committed a crime.

How fast do you think illegals in Arizona will be headed for neighboring states? How many illegals a day will Sheriff Joe pick up now. He was getting 200 a day with the shackles on him. How much heat will Arizona take from the liberal community?

To pile on this effort, Senators Kyl and McCain have pointed out to the Feds what they need to do to help control the flow of illegals into Azrizona. Senators doing the work of Homeland Security. McCain who wanted illegal immigration reform has now seen the light since he may lose the primary to Hayworth. Suddenly, even Obama-lite is getting in the game.Kyl and McCain want 3,000 National Guard troops on the border. The want more border agents, the fence finished, and several other requests that should have been done if there was actually a Director of Homeland Security instead of a clueless fool.

Maybe none of what Kyl and McCain want will be needed if the governor signs the bill. The river of humanity may start flowing south instead of north as a few thousand illegals a day find themselves in tent city.

This shows a very positive trend. Politicians in Arizona are listening more to the people than the press. Maybe that trend will sweep the land.

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