Arizona Immigration Law

April/22/2010 16:12PM
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As the clock ticks to see if Governor Jan Brewer will sign the new immigration bill into law in Arizona, the media is going absolutely insane. A congressman in Illinois wants Obama to declare it illegal. That congressman, Luis Gutierrez, cut the deal to approve the health care reform bill in exchange for a promise from Obama to move an amnesty bill forward.

Yesterday the three main local news channels devoted several minutes each to the bill. All coverage was negative. The big two objections were ,first, the bill would hurt tourism in Arizona. Buy that specious claim and I’ll sell you some swampland. The second was it would make Arizona look primitive in the eyes of the rest of the country. That’s like Obama’s concerns that we need to be more like France to make France like us better. National network news is all over the story. National newspapers are all over the story. No positive coverage that I can find anywhere.

How can the legislators in Arizona and the state of Arizona be so wrong? Why doesn’t McCain who was in favor of immigration reform during the campaign come forth and save Arizona from this embarrassment?What’s going on here?

The man who is normally recognized as the top political pollster in this country did a poll in Arizona. The same TV station that skewered the bill for 10 minutes with interviews with idiots, showed the poll results. A solid 70% of Arizona residents are in favor of the bill. Does that explain McCain’s position? He wouldn’t come forth and propose something that 70% of his constituents want, but he sure isn’t going to come out against it. He will probably lose the primary because he favored immigration reform and can’t hide from that position.

So, for some reason, the legislators are trying to give the people of their state something they want. Not something the media wants, the people in New York or California want, that Luis Gutierrez wants, that Obama wants, that the Hispanic students want, but ignoring the loud raucous voices from all of the above, they really are doing the bidding of the voters, and taking the heat.

What will the governor do? If she vetoes the bill, she will not be reelected with 70% of the voters solidly in favor of the bill. Especially, if she has to run against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, which may happen. If she does nothing it becomes law. If she signs it she will take most of the heat for the bill. She will be blasted by the media. Tough call, governor Brewer.

What an interesting situation this is. Despite all the so-called experts telling the politicians and people in Arizona how wrong this is, the people of Arizona no longer listen to that noise. Perhaps the people recognize that these so-called experts have been wrong on most positions. And, the legislators are willing to face the media onslaught and do the bidding of the people. Sheriff Joe has been doing just this for years.

With the mood of the country today, is this another proof that politicians are getting the message? Ignore the wishes of 70% of the people at your peril.

Obama has, and his new approval rating is 44%, and dropping. He will take a lot of Democrats down in November. That number grows every day as he continues to believe he is the Messiah and can do no wrong.

What is happening in Arizona seems to be happening all over the country. New Jersey voters shot down most of the proposed school tax increases, something that almost never happened there. The governor convinced the people that they couldn’t afford the increases. And, that the teachers didn’t really care about the kids, just about their paychecks.

The times, they are ‘a changin. Especially in Arizona.

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