Arizona and Soviet Russia

April/29/2010 14:19PM
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When Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona, signed the bill creating a way to enforce the federal immigration laws, the liberals went berserk. The outcry is not going away. The nearly broke, Arizona Republic, ran a story that many legal Hispanics will leave Arizona. This story was pure conjecture with zero facts to support the story. The Mayor of Phoenix wants to sue the state but the city council won’t authorize the funds. Phoenix is broke, why not spend money suing the state?

Here’s the big comparison, Arizona will be like Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany. You might have to show “papers”. Every time I get stopped for speeding, I have to show “papers”, the same “papers” the law will require of anyone. A driver’s license. If you can’t produce that, show a state ID card. If you can’t produce that, show a green card. If you can’t produce that show some evidence that you are in this country legally. How stressful is that?

President Obama says it’s far too stressful. Here’s his proposal.

On immigration, Obama said he wants a federal law that would secure the borders and require illegal immigrants to register, pay a fine, learn English, take responsibility for having broken the law and get in the back of the line before others who are seeking U.S. citizenship

In his words” we will make them register, we will make them pay a fine, we will make them learn English. We will make them go to the back of the line. ”

If it were only that easy, Mr. President, get on it. How do you find them to make them do all these things? Describe that process, please. The Arizona law sends them to the back of the line. The Arizona law makes them take responsibility for breaking the law. Your rhetoric does nothing, except it sounds more like Soviet Russia than checking a driver’s license.

We, being the federal state, will make the lowly immigrants do our bidding.

Why is that language less threatening than the Arizona law? Simple, no one believes for a minute that the president is sincere. He is putting forth another lie. There will no” make them do” anything.

He wants amnesty. He wants them all to come on down to the stage where old Monty Hall(Obama) will say let’s make a deal. I’ll make you a citizen, and you vote for me and all Democrats now and forever. I don’t care if you are a gang banger, a drug dealer, an unemployable lout, or a doctor. You all get the same deal. Then let your respective states of residence deal with the fall out. I got my deal, your vote. The state gets to deal with your welfare costs, your medical costs, your crime, and do all that with no taxes paid by you, excluding the doctor, of course. Not my problem, states.

Therein lies the rub. The state of Arizona knows the true cost of illegals. They also know they will get no help from Obama and the feds. No help to stop the flow of illegals or reduce the cost of having them as neighbors. The states want them gone. The feds have a law that says they should be gone. One state, Arizona, plans to send them home. One president, Obama, wants them to stay.

So, can he make them do all those things he promises to make them do in true Soviet Russian style?

But, Arizona, you are so wrong, wrong for asking to see a driver’s license. It’s just too unfair to make that request. You can’t make them show a license, but you can make them go to the back of the line.

How can 70% of the residents of Arizona, who favor the law be so misguided? Evidently, as many as nine other states like the Arizona idea. A new poll shows that 70% of the American population likes the idea. But, how can it be so popular when not one good thing has ever been written or broadcast about the bill? I guess when Americans respond to this poll, they say what the believe not what they are told.

Please, please President Obama, keep hammering the Arizona bill. Please try to shove through amnesty for illegals. There is not one thing you could do that would be more destructive to Democrats in the November election. Except, cap and tax. Do that too. Do both.

You have your party circling the drain. Keep up the good work.

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