Your Job Is Defending Freedom

March/13/2010 17:32PM
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For years my generation has failed miserably in this job. Not from defending us from foreign challenges, but from internal danger. Our government has taken over almost every aspect of our lives by regulation. Freedom after freedom has been  taken during our lifetime. And, while our lives have been restricted, those of the criminals and perverts have been expanded. Between Congress and the ACLU, our lives have not grown richer, but poorer with all these violations of the Constitution. 

Now comes health care reform. You  may say, go ahead use reconciliation, President Obama, the next Congress will repeal whatever you do. First, I don’t believe he plans to use reconciliation. He is going to shove the Senate Bill through the House.  I see a Chicago head fake plainly, having lived in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He is talking reconciliation but doing the shove it through the house behind the scenes. That’s why he had key Democrats in the House over for a little chat. More Corn husker Kickbacks and Louisiana Purchases in the privacy of the White House. Not with Reid doing the deals, but the Messiah himself. Get the votes lined up in the House, then shove it through and sign it into law by the end of the month. 

As for repeal. Look at the things that can happen quickly. Most small businesses will opt in for the health insurance in the Senate plan. Almost immediately, most employees of small businesses will be dropped by their employer and under the government plan. How do you repeal that?

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We, as a generation have let our kids and grand kids down in numerous ways. We have let the government run wild with spending mortgaging their futures. We continue to let it get worse. We have made it impossible for them to play outdoors or wait for the bus without supervision. We have let the government tell us what we can and can’t do with the vast natural resources we own in this country. We have let a government that has never been able to run anything run banks and car companies and now perhaps run our health care. 

Only now through the Tea Party movement are we stepping up to the plate to stop all this. Too late, maybe, but maybe not. We needed to be on red alert when Obama was a candidate, not a president. Still, we have an obligation to get off our asses and make a effort to stop the ongoing loss of our freedoms. 

To stop what is coming down the road for our kids and grand kids. 

Get with it. Get involved in the fight to defend freedom in America.

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