Tea Party Competition

March/09/2010 17:15PM
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As a youth, coaches always prepared you for the competition. Chalk talks, film, and plans to take advantage of the weaknesses of the competition. A game plan.

The Tea Party Movement is a loose effort with individuals expressing their outrage about the government we have today.

I wanted to take a minute to describe the competition I believe the Tea Party is confronting. It is formidable. When you examine the team on the other side of the line of scrimmage, you wonder whether this is the Jets with Joe Namath in the Super Bowl all over again.

On the other side is the Socialist Party led by their quarterback, Barack Obama. He wants to make America a Socialist Country and will go to all extremes to get it done as evidenced by health care reform. He is the bulletin board material the Tea Party uses to get motivated. Without Obama there would be no Tea Party movement.

He is backed solidly by all unions. Andy Stern, the leader of the SEIU, is the real coach of the Obama team. He calls the shots. Obama is also backed by all government workers, most of whom are unionized, and have been benefiting by Obama’s pay increases and more government hiring and no government firing.

He is backed by educators. Most are either unionized or tenured or both. They influence the thinking of our children and grand children. Obama recognizes this and is stepping up the influence.

He is backed by Hollywood. They influence the public with the movies they make and through their celebrity status. Leno made his big return last week to the Tonight Show and is still telling Bush jokes. Never, never will tell an Obama joke.

He is backed by the media. Even though network news is dying because they deliver a poor product, they cannot change and will not change.

He is backed by big money men like George Soros who can profit by shorting America.

He is backed by those who have become dependent on government and want to keep it that way. Many of these backers live in the dense population areas of the country.

He is backed by every nut case who believes we are destroying the planet. Every corporation, like GE, who can benefit by the green movement and health care reform. He is backed by the AARP with a board comprised of far left liberals and a financial boon should health care reform happen. He is backed by a majority of African Americans who will support him regardless of his performance.

That’s a lot of power. What does the Tea Party have on the team?

Just 65% of the population who don’t fall in any of the aforementioned categories. A much bigger team with far more power. Not republicans, not independents, not democrats, just people who don’t want socialism. They don’t care whether it is coming from Obama or McCain. From Pelosi or Romney. Doesn’t matter. Jim Bunning made a Tea Party statement last week. He blocked a jobs bill. Not because he did not agree with the jobs bill. Because he demanded to be told where the money was going to come from. He refused to add to the $13 trillion deficit. He knows there are many options to cut $10 billion from the bloated Obama budget. He wanted it done first. This is what the Tea Party stands for.

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