Selective Environmental Oversights

March/12/2010 17:35PM
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This is a reprint of an entry in this blog dated 4/23/09. I find everything is even more relevant today. Billions are being poured into green energy with little to show. Crude prices are above $80 a barrel. If a recovery blossoms, gasoline prices will be $4 and rising.

I find it disturbing that some energy issues get a free pass from environmentalists.

CFL light bulbs, for example, no problem with that mercury. Batteries for electric cars, no problem with the disposal of those batteries when there are will be millions of them to dispose.Solar energy, no problem that they scrape the desert floor and destroy all plant and animal life. Usually, a square mile-per farm. With hundreds in the plan. Woe to he who proposes extraction of oil from shale. It does too much damage to the earth and requires too much water. Excuse me, recent estimates say the solar plants in the U.S. will require 16 billion gallons of water per year to operate. Is water not scare in the Southwest United States?.

Lets’ see, windmills kill 2.2 birds a day not to mention several bats. That’s OK. Why is it OK?

There is a definite bias against all forms of fossil fuels, and nuclear as well as coal. That bias creates a blind spot when it comes to all other so-called green energy initiatives. Ethanol, one thousand gallons of water for each gallon of ethanol. No problem. More usage of ethanol is mandated with plans in the works to make it even more with 15% blends under consideration.

It strikes me that we don’t have an energy strategy in this country that hangs together.

Ultimately, there will be those who oppose the power lines to bring the solar from the desert. Already happened in California.There will be those who realize we have a serious water problem in the Southwest and we are going to use 16 billion gallons for solar power. There will be those who oppose the birds and bats and noise pollution for wind power. And, the power lines again.Someone will scream some day that all the CFL bulbs are polluting our neighborhoods and landfills with mercury.There will those who feel we have blighted out seascapes with windmills.

There will be a hue and cry that all the CFL bulbs come from China and our bulbs used to come from Kentucky.The solar panels and windmills now are mainly produced outside the U.S.

Eventually, reality will set in and the green projects that get a free pass will come under attack. When that happens, they will be stopped, just like fossil fuels, nuclear, shale, clean coal, and all others.

The nutcases that really run this country want our energy we need to move about, make things, heat , light, and cool our homes to come from Mother Nature. And, we all know it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

So, go back to course we’ve been on. Stop all forms of new energy and pray. Pray real hard, since it might be your ass that freezes, not the widows and orphans we froze in the past when we had government-made energy shortages.


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