Obama Wants to Run the NCAA Basketball Tournament

March/18/2010 16:44PM
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President Obama, a big basketball fan, made his NCAA tournament picks this week. For Obama,like many of us, getting in pools and picking winners is great fun. Statisticians say the winners of most big pools, illegal, of course, pick based on mascots and school colors. I spent a great deal of time on my picks and will undoubtedly lose to someone who used that format.

But, our President, wants to change the entire make-up of the tournament using Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education. Arne got his job because he played basketball at Harvard and pick-up basketball with Obama in Chicago.

According to USA Today, if Duncan has his way, a dozen teams in the 2010 tournament would not be eligible to play in it, including Kentucky. He wants teams with a graduation rate below 40% to be banned from the tournament.

Duncan acknowledges that his department can’t impose this on the NCAA, but he will use his office to advocate for reform.

Sure, the government can’t run health care either, right? The government can’t pass the health care reform bill without following the Constitutional Laws, right? Sure, the government can’t take over GM and Chrysler and fire the CEO of GM, right? The government can’t dictate where students get student loans and make that one choice, the government, right? The government can’t tell us that we can’t let oil companies drill on our land where billions of barrels of oil lie in wait, right?

That was the old government before Obama began his work to make the government the type of monarchy that our forefathers fled in Jolly Old England. Could Castro decide who plays in an NCAA tourney in Cuba?

This is how it all starts with Obama. Demonize an organization. Now, it’s the NCAA. The NCAA isn’t capable of running a tourney right. Right, as defined by Obama and Duncan. So, the government must help them do it the right way. The right way is 40% must graduate. Regardless of how many leave early to play professional basketball. Why is 40% the right number. Why not 80%. Want to see more whites play Division I college basketball? Make it 80%. Or, with forced diversity, and 80%, see bad basketball played in Division I.

If Duncan wants to see 40% graduate, clean up the high schools, Arne. Knock out the teachers unions and tenure. Get the inner city high school graduation rate to 20% before you mess with the NCAA tourney. If you get more inner city kids to stay in school, more inner city schools to really teach the kids who do, and the parents to care, you will get the university rate where it needs to be.

But, Arne and Barack are doing just the opposite. They, with Dick Durbin’s help, stopped the successful Opportunity Scholarship program. The voucher program upsets the teacher’s union and Arne and Barack aren’t about to do that. If fact, they are also dismantling the No Child Left Behind program that put accountability on teachers. They will go after the lowest 10% but are vague with what the punishment will be. The rest can just continue to get worse.

Arne and Barack are trying the old head fake. Have us look at NCAA graduation rates while they throw another slam dunk to the teacher’s union and help insure that our level of high school education will drop further and fewer will graduate. This is what you are responsible for Mr. Duncan, do your job and quit worrying about the college basketball program.

Arne, like Barack, wants to treat the bunion and ignore the tumor.

I don’t know about you, but I am growing very weary of this crap.

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