Obama Gets In the Oil Business

March/31/2010 16:15PM
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Our President is truly a marvel. He is the most capable executive in the history of the world. With zero experience running anything, he is rapidly learning to run everything. I am in awe.

He took over the auto industry, the banking business, the student loan business, the health care business, and today, the energy business. Or, what’s left of it here in this country. Funny, it coincided with BP’s big announcement that they got the bid to try to revitalize the oil business in Iraq. Experts believe Iraq is sitting on a huge bubble of high quality crude. But, the Hussein regime and what followed let the oil business go to seed. Much like Mexico, where the government has been running the oil business for three decades.

Today, President Obama, fearing he would be called on breaking yet another campaign promise, made a big production of announcing he was opening up offshore drilling as he promised after Newt Gingrich delivered over a million petitions to Washington and forced Obama lite, John McCain to support offshore drilling.

Keep in mind any announcement from Obama will be duplicitous and not likely to be stuffed with facts. His big offshore announcement is exactly that.

He is opening some areas and closing more. Those he is closing are the most promising, from an oil development perspective. Those he is opening, he will first conduct seismic studies along the south and mid Atlantic states. And, he is not clear as to revenue sharing with the states. The seismic studies will follow the environmental studies. Seismic studies by the US government is like the Post Office competing with Fed Ex on overnight mail. Or, like NASA studying the Toyota, driver steps on the gas instead of the brake and sues problem. By the time the environmental studies are done, Obama will be out of office after one term and the new president will cancel the inane seismic study ideas and start selling offshore leases to the experts who won’t pay for the leases if there is no oil there.

This is all politics. No truth, no real intent to reduce our dependence on foreign crude, just another insult to your intelligence.

Two reasons for this. The aforementioned campaign promise. And, he is planning to jam through cap and trade and thinks this will work.

This man has absolutely no shame. He truly believes all Americans except his drooling far left friends are truly stupid and can be manipulated by he and his fellow droolers. Give us the mushroom treatment. Plant a spore, cover it with manure, keep it in the dark, and it will nurture and grow. Big, problem, Mr. President now over 50% of the country is seeing light and the spores are dieing by the bushel. Pretty soon it will be just you and your manure. Smelly business, growing mushrooms. Your stink is blowing across America.

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