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March/29/2010 16:18PM
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The pervasive effort of the Obama government to take over every aspect of your life marches on.

Using the same tactics used to pass health care reform, the head of the FCC plans to ram through new broadband rules. Congress will not debate or vote on the new rules. The five person board of the FCC will not vote on them. The FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is seeking the board consensus on a joint statementwithout a vote.

The Congress requested the FCC to make high-speed Internet available to more people. Since 95% now have that access, it was a moot point. In 2009 the providers spent upwards of $60 billion to expand coverage. This was market driven.

Mr. Genachowski want to use that mandate to reclassify broadband so the FCC can more heavily regulate them. He wants it to become a telecom industry. He wants what the industry calls net neutrality. This has been beaten down in the courts. Congress did not ask the FCC to do that.

This would lead to the “open access’ we saw in the 90’s. This would require the big guys who spent the billions to share their systems with the little guys, who invested little, if anything. Like Socialism.

This is income redistribution between broadband servers. If this happens who will invest in the future of broadband? Oh, yes, the government, that’s who.

Remember the TV boxes to get digital to everyone in America? Now, to take care of 6% of the population who may or may not want broadband, the FCC will try to use this as a club to take over control of the broadband and begin regulating the Internet.

It’s like an octopus with tentacles into every aspect of American life. The grand plan to have your government control every aspect of your life. By hook or by crook. Rules are out the window, the Constitution, baloney, the law, forget it, transparency, no way, it’s a Chicago street brawl with Al Capone rules and behind closed doors.

Let’s put prohibition back in.

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