Jim Bunning Was Right

March/04/2010 16:20PM
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Lame duck senator Jim Bunning stopped a $10 billion budget approval for one simple reason, he wanted to cut $10 billion somewhere else before he would approve the expenditure. He wasn’t against the bill to extend unemployment benefits. He was against a nation going broke spending more money. The President stated that we would have pay-as-you-go budgeting for 2010. But, emergency money can be approved by a “unanimous consent” vote. Bunning said no. Just as I remember him as a baseball pitcher, he was like Don Drysdale, a brush back pitcher.

Gutless Republicans were afraid to back Bunning. This is why many of them won’t be voted back in the 2010 election. The Democrats and the media vilified Bunning. Saying he was keeping unemployed Americans from getting benefits. None of that is true.

What Bunning was doing is what most Americans want congress to do, stop spending. What Bunning was saying is let’s roll up our sleeves and find fat in the bloated $3.5 trillion Obama budget and cut the fat to finance a worthwhile bill. Not ignore the fat and tack on another $10 billion. Soon to be followed by another $80 billion in a jobs bill to be tacked on also.

Is it any wonder that congress now has an 8% approval rating.

These dolts, Democrat and Republican, refuse to hear the public. Stop spending.

The media treatment of Bunning is why they have zero courage. The media only address the cuts to unemployment, not the true Bunning position, let’s pass the bill, but fund it within the existing budget.

Good riddance to all of you. Doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, you are gone.

Want proof. This is it. Only one man will stand up and stop adding to the budget, deficit, and debt.

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