Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Next on Docket

March/20/2010 16:56PM
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What did Obama promise Luis Gutierrez to get him to change to vote yes for health care reform? Next on the docket, amnesty for illegals. The process may be the same as the one that is being used for passing health care reform. Reconciliation, bribes, deeming, etc. Whatever questionable tactics it takes.

You think Obama has upset the majority of Americans with the heath care reform bill and the process he used to pass the bill, wait for the reaction on his amnesty bill.

This issue is a bigger culture war issue in this country than health care.

On the day Janet Napolitano announced she was stopping work on the virtual fence project after almost a billion was spent, a truck chase occurred in Phoenix. When the truck was finally corralled a plywood cover over the back was removed and 15 illegals popped out. That led to a house where another 50 were found. There is a bill in the Arizona legislature to enact the toughest laws in the country to curb illegal immigration to Arizona and to ship illegals home. Tougher than the bill which passed a few years ago to be vetoed by none other than Janet Napolitano. Sheriff Joe in conducting more sweeps this week to find and jail illegals. Of course, local media is all over Joe.

But, Joe and the elected officials in Arizona get it. Arizona has a serious budget problem. A part of that problem is the cost of illegals in Arizona. Joe and the legislators are going to do something about the problem. And they don’t care what the media, Napolitano, and Obama think about this issue. Arizona has decided the state can’t afford to house Mexico’s population, clothe them, medicate them, school them, and arrest and incarcerate them. It’s a luxury the state can no longer tolerate.

Napolitano and Obama think the US can afford the cost. Sheriff Joe has always understood the issue. Illegal means illegal. If you want to give illegals amnesty or change the laws, he will stop arresting them. But, until that happens, he will arrest every one his people stop for any violation. The proposed Arizona laws will make it much easier to do that. Everyone must carry proof of citizenship and if you don’t have that proof, you are trespassing. Joe has always known the public wants him to enforce those laws. He has never worried about the ACLU, Napolitano, who wants the laws, but no enforcement, the media, wanting total amnesty, or Obama and all the Obama worshippers.

Did Obama promise Gutierrez something he can’t deliver? Maybe, maybe not. But, if he tries, which he will probably do, he will deep six another few dozen Democratic congressmen who will stand for election in the fall. Does he care, no.

Obama is working on a numbers game. He truly believes, in his naive stupidity and through poor guidance by Andy Stern and his advisors, that he can add 20-30 million solid supporters with a combination of health care reform and illegal immigrant amnesty. Narcissism is not a pretty thing to watch. Nor, is embarrassing America. Postponing a trip to Australia because he needs to bribe a few more congressmen to vote for an unpopular heath care reform bill shows how bad things are working here in this country today.

But, don’t despair. The winds of change are blowing hard in this country today. Arizona is sending one signal to Washington, we are done with illegals and want them sent home. Obama is on another page as usual, telling Luis Gutierrez that he is going to get illegal amnesty passed by the end of the year.

As usual, someone is right and someone is wrong. I’m going with Sheriff Joe and the state legislature of Arizona. Normally, those on the front lines have a much clearer perspective.

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