Hi, I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help You

March/15/2010 16:34PM
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This is the story of one Edward Abbot Ravenscroft. Mr. Ravenscroft is a 49 year old heir of the Abbott pharmaceutical family Court records show he’s worth $5 million dollars. No one with that kind of money should be subject to government torment, right? Wrong.

In 2009 he was arrested three times on drug-possession charges. He refused drug and psychiatric treatment. His probation officer turned him over tho probate court. He has gotten himself cleaned up, not by help from his probation officer, but because of the system and what the system did to his money. He couldn’t afford not to get clean.

Here’s the sad story. A group of scumbag attorneys who were assigned under a temporary conservator-ship and a guardianship to protect Mr. Ravenscroft’s assets from his inability to protect himself from unscrupulous people who might take advantage of his money. So, the foxes were turned loose in the hen house under the guise of government protection.

For his first 3 1/2 months of work this court-appointed guardian helped himself to $62,000. His court-appointed attorney grabbed $33,000 for his first five months of work. What a piker. His court-appointed conservator has told Ravenscroft he’s charging $15,000 a month.

Ravenscroft filed a federal racketeering suit against both prompting both to resign. The temporary conservator-ship was due to end on March 1 and the guardianship a week later. An emergency hearing was set, but Ravenscroft was not notified until the day of the hearing and did not have counsel. So, both are extended until he can bring counsel to the hearing. During the hearing, Sun Valley, the guardian, requested the judge to insure that Ravenscroft’s $42,000 quarterly dividend check be sent to Sun Valley to make sure they get paid for the past and new charges for being guardian of his finances. Certainly wouldn’t want them to not get paid for watching his finances so closely. Maybe this is why they failed to let him know about the emergency hearing and make sure he had counsel present. The taxi can keep circling the block with the meter running. The judge, naturally, agreed to have the check sent to Sun Valley.

Hard to believe isn’t it? A man has a substance abuse problem. His probation officer gets the court to assign a bevy of crooks, real crooks, to watch his money. They loot him for 6 months. Three different groups. For as much as $200,000 for nothing. The guardian, Sun Valley, fails to handle the hearing to get him off the financial abuse. He gets that extended and Sun Valley keeps billing. He is clean, through no help from the government or court system, he did it on his own, but has to wait until the court system takes the IV out of his bank account.

Hard to feel sorry for a rich junkie, but I do feel really sorry for this poor man. Will anything come of the racketeering suit. Of course not. Those guys are paying off the judges and the probation officer.

And, Obama wants you to have more of this good treatment from your ever bigger government. Like Ravenscroft, none of us are smart enough to take care of our business without government help. We’ll get it, just like Ravenscroft got it.

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