Defining Tea Party Supporters

March/26/2010 16:38PM
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The Wall Street Journal’s token liberal, Thomas Frank, wrote an editorial on 3-24-10 defining a tea party supporter. Here are his words: “these are TV citizens, regurgitating TV history lessons, and engaged in a TV crusade. They seem to care little for the give and take of the legislative process. What seems to make sense to them is the logic of entertainment, the ever-escalating outrage of reality TV. But, maybe, one of these days, the nation is going to change the channel.”

First, Mr. Frank, let me address the last portion of your editorial. The tea party people have changed the channel. That’s why all your new friends at MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC are being laid off and severed. Only you and your friends are watching them anymore. The same is true for the NY Times, Newsweek, and all liberal talk radio. We tea party people are not being spun by you pseudo intellectual liberals anymore. We work to find the truth. We don’t get it from reality TV. More than likely your union friends are watching reality TV. Or, your ACORN thugs. Or, your throngs of people who will be in the front of the lines for everything free from your esteemed president, including health care.

No, Mr. Frank. The tea party is made up of people who run successful businesses and employ people. Moms who are worried about their kids. Grandmothers who are worried about the Medicare and Social Security. Retired people who have worked hard all their lives and don’t want to sacrifice to those who are unwilling to work. People who are smart enough to know that adding $6 trillion in debt this year is not a good thing. And, then to add a new entitlement program we can’t afford is even worse.

Sorry, Mr. Frank, but most tea party supporters don’t accept your description of us.You are very, very uninformed. How many tea party rallies have you attended? When does the established press write editorials about something they have done no research about and then print it? When did we reach the point where there is no responsible journalism anymore? When the National Inquirer gets a nomination for the Pulitzer Prize because hacks like you write fiction. Or, ignore any fellow liberal regardless of what honey pot he has an appendage in. You article epitomizes the sad state that journalism has sunk into these days. If the Wall Street Journal didn’t need a token liberal, you would be writing for some local shoppers guide. No, you might have to get facts to do that.

You and your main steam friends have underestimated the tea party movement from day one. Even when Brown got elected, you still ignore it or demean it. Someone once said, it think it was Groucho Marx, ” I wouldn’t want to join a club that would let me in.” Don’t worry Mr. Frank, we won’t let you in. And, when the November elections are over, you will see that we voted a lot of your very close friends, that you would call them the “non-TV”, crowd out.

You stick with your union goons, your ACORN thugs, your chronically unemployed bums, your Hollywood nut cases trying to OD on something, your effete media jerks, and the uber rich trying to buy a ticket to heaven by becoming liberal. Your friends in academia who stopped teaching when you stopped responsible journalism.

I’ll stick with the rest. The people who have done something successful, worked hard for a retirement, served their country raised a family, and care about our country. You will see how much TV we are watching as we work to throw all the bums out of office who are trying to destroy this country.

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