Bart Stupak is the Definition of a Coward

March/27/2010 16:03PM
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First, he goes to the media and whines about how much pressure the Democrats are putting on him to vote for the health care bill. Says they are threatening an ethics probe if he doesn’t. Says he doesn’t care what they do, he is a man of principle and he will stand fast and keep the other ten members of his pro-life group doing the same. Under no circumstances will he or they vote for the bill.

Then he votes for the bill.

Then he stands with the president while he signs a meaningless executive order saying no money will ever be spent for abortions. Zero publicity on this little deal. The Catholic Church has told Stupak what this executive order means. Nothing. Obama, not know for integrity, could overturn it tomorrow.

None of this makes him a coward. Just another sleazy politician. Someone who’s word means nothing and who has no real true principles.

But, after the bill passes, poor little Bart goes to the media and says he’s getting nasty e-mails. Some woman called him human excrement. Doesn’t your heart just go out to Bart?

We have firemen, policemen, and brave military people in the Middle East facing death every day and I’m supposed to worry about Bart Stupak getting a salty e-mail?

I don’t condone violence against anyone who voted for this bill or any bill. However, it’s really man-up time for Stupak. When you decided to join your fellow sleazeball friends in Washington who break their word and someone calls you to task for it in and unkind way, go directly to the mirror, not the media. Look yourself in the eye and say” I don’t really like myself anymore either, why should I be surprised when someone tells me same in an e-mail.” Hey, Bart, you just turned you first trick, and forever in the minds of most of us, you will forever be a prostitute.

Live with it.

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