You Do the Math

February/01/2010 19:56PM
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Everything we do in America, all goods and services, our GDP is $14.7 trillion. The receipts the government will take in this year will be $2.54 trillion. Last year the increase in spending was 22%. Over $4 trillion. In 2010 that will be 25% of GDP. One out every four dollars in our GDP is spent by 535 pointy-headed loons in Congress, each hoping they can tailor their spending to their reelection. To finance Mr. Obama’s spending spree, we will need to borrow $3.7 trillion. Just imagine the interest on this loan.

Fixing our country right now is a turnaround leadership challenge. We can’t trust the job to anymore community organizers or attorneys. Someone like Neutron Jack Welch needs to come in and redo the mess we’ve made. Neutron Jack got his name in his early years with GE because all the people went away but the businesses remained. Someone needs to grow the federal government unemployment rolls by 50%. That’s right, 50%. No haircuts, amputations. Whole agencies like the Department of Energy need to go away. The EPA, cut in half. NASA mostly gone. Let the government employees who have grown and prospered while the private sector suffered do a little suffering. See if any private employer will hire a former government worker who has never had or made a goal in their life.

Obama, said in a debate with McCain, when McCain, the Republican Progressive Democrat Wannabe, actually talked about a budget freeze, that McCain was proposing the use of an ax when a scalpel would do. Right now it’s neither an ax or a scalpel, it’s neutron Jack.

The government pigs have fed at the public trough far too long. It’s time to send them off to to the work the illegals are doing now. Work, they say, no American citizen will do. Since most of them are unemployable, we’ll see if they get hungry enough to mow your lawn. This same thing needs to happen at the state and local levels too. More troughs,more pigs. The private sector has already done this. Tailored their expenses to the dwindling revenues. Only governments hire when revenues go down. Zero accountability.

When you hire a man to run the country that has never run anything, this is what your get. Bad decisions and poor judgment.

If we don’t find a Neutron Jack soon, we are going to be in deep, deep trouble.

Once again, you do the math. The current president continues to spend at record levels. The revenue stream continues to dwindle, leaving bigger and bigger deficits, requiring more and more borrowing with more and more interest payments due. Coming at us like a train is $30 trillion in unfunded entitlement obligations. Do you believe the economy is going to turn on a dime and suddenly the revenue stream to the federal budget will go up 30% to meet immediate budget needs? If it were your family budget, would you take that risk?

It’s slash and burn time. Every business has to do it from time to time. Now, it’s government’s turn. The people in this country get it, Massachusetts showed that. Politicians don’t get it, Obama never will. Out with them all, or at least those who are not fiscal conservatives by record. Set down a mandate, balance the budget now. Don’t let them tell us they will need to cut essential services while they still have a Department of Energy or NASA. Make them make the hard decisions.

We have to do it now, tomorrow is too late.

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