Will McCain Lose the Primary in Arizona?

February/15/2010 16:30PM
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Senator McCain is a fine man. No one can discredit what he went through in Vietnam. His courage and patriotism are above reproach. But, maybe it’s time for John to pack it in and help his wife run the beer business. Or, go off with the grand kids and have some fun.

As a senator, Mc Cain, is no prize. As a presidential candidate he was a disaster. Maybe it’s time for Arizona to make a change. Remember, McCain voted against the Bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003. He was for cap and trade, immigration reform with a Heritage Foundation projected price of $2.6 trillion, he was against offshore drilling, then for it, against drilling in Alaska, and made a circus out of the TARP issue and probably lost a few million presidential votes over that. John McCain is a very liberal Republican. Much like George W. Bush.

His opponent J.D. Hayworth is a conservative Republican. McCain is now flip-flopping like a broken sandal or a John Kerry over some of his positions in the presidential campaign. In that campaign he was trying to appeal to independents, and now he want to appeal to conservatives. Basically, John seems to be like all of the politicians we all want out of office, Democrat and Republican, he stands for election, nothing else.

He has a huge war chest, a bunch of cronies, like Sarah Palin who are supporting him and a big machine behind him. Much like Charlie Christ has in Florida. But, Charlie is even, or maybe behind, in his primary race in Florida. People have just had enough of the old guard like McCain. We aren’t getting hope and change from Obama, so we are doing it ourselves.

Senator McCain is in for a tough race. Arizona, like most states, has lots of problems. John is part of them. People are tired of the way business has been done in Washington. John McCain represents what voters are trying to erase. No more Kennedy’s in office anywhere and none on the horizon. No Clinton’s in office. No Bush’s in office. A Republican senator from Massachusetts. As the old song goes” The answer my friend is blowing in the wind” and that answer may be ” Goodbye John McCain, thanks for everything”.

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