Voters in Kane County Illinois Say No to Another Hastert

February/09/2010 14:00PM
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Ethan Hastert, son of Denny Hastert, was running for the House in the District representing Kane County, Illinois. His only qualification-he’s the son of Denny Hastert. No real academic qualifications, no work experience, no reason to be going to Congress.

This has to stop. The voters in Kane County stepped up to the plate and stopped it. Electing a candidate, a qualified candidate who’s not a party of the old boy network. Randy Hultgren was under financed and did not have the clout of Newt Gingrich behind him. Still, the voters preferred the State Assemblyman over the Hastert name. Perhaps it was due to Ethan’s dad, Denny parlaying his time in the House into a $10 million net worth with no salary ever above $150,000 per year. All the while raising a family and keeping two homes. Amazing. Now his hopes to put his son in there to keep the family up to speed on the deals are dashed.

If we are to have a Tea Party Movement, this should be part and parcel of the movement. Don’t let another political dynasty begin. Don’t let another unqualified candidate ride in on Daddy’s coattails. Wasn’t George W. Bush a lesson? The voters in Kane County stopped the Hastert family before Ethan dug in and the Kane County people would have him for for 30 years.

If we are serious about changing Washington, then we have to change the political legacies. No more Kennedy’s, no more Bush’s, no more Clinton’s. Broom them all.

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