Tea Party Agenda

February/13/2010 18:24PM
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I have read and heard several comments about the Tea Party Movement saying the movement has no agenda. That seems to be true. There is a sense, and feeling, by many who support the movement about what we want, but it is loose and based mostly on emotions and the anti-Obama attitude. I support the tea party and would like to see some structure in the form of an agenda. My agenda would be:

1. Totally dismantle the present government bureaucracy. The DOE, gone. A trillion blown over 22 years and ethanol to show for it. I single this out, because it is the worst. But, every agency can be gutted. Gutted by billions. Put a leader from the private sector in charge of each and set specific goals and watch.

2. Simplify the tax code and dismantle the IRS.

3. Keep the Bush tax cuts in place, eliminate the death tax, and cut corporate taxes to the bone, Use the savings from 1(above) to fund this.

4. Have congress set the limits for the EPA. Cut regulations to a reasonable level. Curtail frivilous lawsuits that stop projects for years. Start drilling offshore. Fast track nuclear plants. Re-open Yucca Mountains for waste. Stop funding ethanol. Stop funding dream green projects. Stop pandering to the Gorists.

5. Put is tax incentives for business to invest in growth. Capital investment incentives.

6. Lower the minimum wage Obama just raised.

7. Put the Cheney terrorist plan back in place.

8. Stop harassing business. Get out of the work of setting payrolls, deciding how big banks should be, and what banks can and can’t do. The economic mess was caused by government trying to make owning a house an entitlement. Quit trying to blame the banks and Wall Street. Man up and tell the truth.

9. Sell every business government owns. The Post Office, Amtrak, GM, Chrysler, Freddie, Fannie, and any others. States are even selling their retail liquor businesses acknowledging they can’t run them.

10. Stop running candidates who are attorneys, career politicians, and academics. Start running candidates who have lived and worked in the real world. Pledge to put people from those same backgrounds in cabinet jobs and throughout the sphere of government.

11. Cut payments to the UN. Cut foreign aid. Stop trying to buy friends. China buys friends by loaning them money then they tell them what to do. Like they tell Obama what to do.

12. Health care. Start tort reform. Start letting people buy insurance across state lines. Give tax incentives to insurers who don’t deny coverage. Get the billions in fraud out of Medicare and Medicaid. Fund scholarships for hundreds of new doctors and nurses. Flood the medical profession with supply. That will bring costs down.

13. Get the illegals out of America. Quit making and listening to excuses. If you are here illegally, you are going home. Incent state and local law enforcement to round them up and send them home. Secure the borders.

14. Step up water boarding and let the bad guys know we are doing it. Make trials speedy and start executing terrorists. Do all of this at Gitmo.

15. Take care of our veterans. If you have to cut welfare programs to fund this, cut them.

16. Scrap everything Congress has done that violates the Constitution. Give the power back to the states and the people.

Well, it’s not complete, but it’s a start. If you have ideas, let me know.

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