Obama is Now Agnostic on Tax Increases

February/12/2010 19:51PM
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Suddenly, the man who promised time and time again not to raise taxes on those making under $250K a year, says, in his words, he’s agnostic about the idea. First of all, what effete snob would choose that term to describe a broken promise. Second, who is advising this man?

It appears the President has a small circle of advisers he trusts. Those whose skill set is getting people elected, not keeping them in office. This is “read my lips, no new taxes” all over again. George HW Bush had the wind at this back and was fresh from a big success from Desert Storm when he tried that. Obama has the wind in his face and is trying to crawl uphill and he’s trying the same thing that cost Bush the election against Clinton, an unknown.

The country is pretty agnostic about Obama. Unless he finds some new people he can trust to give him better advice that this, he is toast. Hang in there with Rahm and the Chicago crew Barack. We couldn’t ask for more. Stay with Holder, too, while you are displaying loyal political suicide. I’ve seen flawed judgment before, but never to this extent at this level. Usually, people with poor judgment find people with good judgment and survive. This president finds people with even more flawed judgment and then follows them to oblivion.

It will be interesting to see what the fellow Democrats do with this agnostic idea. If they back the president on this it will be bad for the country, short-term, but good in November. This is all the opposition needs to sweep the mid-term elections. My guess, this idea, like most of Obama’s will be shot down by his own party.

So, the silver-tongued orator who always sets-up straw dogs to campaign against will be left holding the bag on this one. Can’t blame Bush. Can’t blame the Republicans, can’t blame Washington, can’t blame Wall Street, can’t blame the bankers, or any of the dozens of straw dogs he has blamed for all the past failures. This one’s on you, Mr. President. No promise you make will ever be judged worthy of anything. Importing Chicago to Washington isn’t working.

All you need now is for Blagojevich to blow the whistle on you and Rahm. He wants those tapes released and they aren’t getting released. Are you and your friends impeding the process for fear of blow back?

Can’t wait to see the new poll numbers as your agnostic message slips out to the folks. Your friends in the media will try to spin it, but it will get through. Too late to get religion, Mr. President. Agnostic is the kind of word that sticks.

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