Judicial Watch Top Ten List

February/17/2010 16:07PM
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I have become a fan of Judicial Watch. They put out a list of politicians who are not looking out for the folks and why they are put on the list. Here’s the top nine for 2009.

1. Senator Chris Dodd(D-CT). A repeat from 2008. His corrupt relationship with Freddie and Fannie and his sweetheart loan from Countrywide Financial. Lately, he undervalued a property in Ireland. He got a good deal from a friend and business associate for whom he got a pardon for from Clinton. He’s still the head of the Senate Banking Committee.

2.Senator John Ensign(R-NV). He made the list for the extramarital affair with wife of one of his staff. He then gave special favors to the man for his silence, letting the man lobby his office upon leaving his job, which is illegal until a year has passed.

3.Rep. Barney Frank(D-MA): There was a $12 million TARP cash injection to the Boston-based One-United Bank with Frank’s urging. Even though the bank was not qualified for the funds, used poor lending practices, and may still fail. Judicial Watch found documents that showed members of Congress were aware of the problems of Fannie and Freddie who were playing fast and loose with accounting rules. Despite this, Frank kept assuring everyone publicly that all was well.

4. Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner. He ailed to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on big earnings at the International Monetary Fund . He was deeply involved int he AIG bonus scandal. His household illegal alien was just another oversight.

5. Attorney General Eric Holder. He obstructed an FBI investigation of theft of nuclear secrets, undermined the criminal investigation of President Clinton by Kenneth Starr, bypassed Justice Department procedure to push through scandalous presidential pardons, and his former law firm is providing free legal help to terrorists at Gitmo.

6. Rep Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL). Jackson reportedly offered Blago $1.5 million for the Obama senate seat.

7. President Obama. Brought Chicago-style corruption to the White House.

8. Rep.Nancy Pelosi(D-CA). She lied when she claimed she was never briefed by the CIA on the use of waterbording. She constantly ignores corruption in her own party.

9. Rep. John Murtha(D-PA). Out of respect for the late Mr. Murtha’s family I will not list the reasons he made this list.

10. Rep. Charles Rangel(D-NY) He is in charge of writing tax policy for the nation, but he forgot to pay taxes on $75,000 in rental income and forgot about $1 million in assets. When caught, he gave donations to 119 members of Congress to get him out of this mess.

Nice of Ensign to make the list, otherwise it would be all Democrats.

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