If Obama Endorses it, it Won’t Work

February/04/2010 15:06PM
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We got exactly what we deserved by electing a community organizer president. With zero experience in the real world, his thought processes are severely flawed. Every idea, every plan, every program he has put forth in the first year has bombed. Every one.

His first big idea, close Gitmo. Not only is it not closed, it may never close. Why? More than likely they are going to try the thugs he proposed to try in NYC there. How was that for an idea? Cost maybe a billion and disrupt a major city.

He raised the minimum wage. We now have 1.6 million teens out of work. A record since statistics have been kept.

The stimulus bill. Local and state governments have not reduced expenses. How can they do that with revenues down so much? They have been able to dodge cost cutting by getting money from the stimulus bill. Most businesses have had to cut severely, but thanks to Obama, local and state governments, in total, were at the same place in 2009 as 2008. Good work, Mr. President.

Card Check, Obama’s big payback to Andy Stern. No where. Despite Stern’s thirty visits to the White House. last year.

Cap and trade. No where. Probably never in this country as Europe is pulling back from their billions they flushed with that plan.

Health care reform. No where. Done, in it’s present version.

Buying GM and Chrysler. Toyota has a safety problem. The UAW goes to Obama(the UAW really runs the country, you know) and squawks because the plant Toyota shut down with the faulty accelerator problem was the only UAW plant Toyota has. Ray LaHood said Tuesday”We’re not finished with Toyota and continuing to review possible defects and monitor the implementation of the recalls”. Then he said: “if you have a Toyota, park it.” That he later recanted. Lot’s of recanting in the Obama administration. Where does he get these people? It’s the Obama, kick ’em when they’re down program. The US auto industry is in trouble. The government benefits if Toyota suffers. The UAW calls the shots. This is what happens when the government goes in the car business. Toyota gets reamed by the owner of two of the three competitors. It’s illegal as hell, dumb as hell, but Obama will still do the number on Toyota for the UAW. Chrysler will fail for sure. GM, probably.

Let’s look at loaning Brazil $2 billion of your tax dollars for their offshore drilling. George Soros wanted it. Next to the unions, George tells Obama what to do. We borrow the money from China, lend it to Brazil to drill offshore, and curtail offshore drilling here. Why not loan Chevron a few billion to drill in the Gulf?

Obama let Harry Reid close down the nuclear storage facility in Nevada. Now, he wants more nuclear plants here. But, the permit process is two years. Where will the waste go with Yucca Mountain stopped?

Obama stepped up the EPA clean air and water standards. Now, the states don’t have the money to comply. So, he will have to back off or many states will be in non-compliance due to necessary budget cuts.

Helping Chicago win the Olympics. Bad idea.

In the private sector, if Obama were a top executive, he would already be long gone. No one with this kind of judgment lasts where judgment counts.

I am open to suggestion. Can anyone name one idea, program, proposal, or plan Obama has put forth that has worked?

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