Government’s Can’t Cut Costs

February/08/2010 16:48PM
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I reside in two states, each for part of the year. Both states are in dire financial straits. Arizona, where former governor and head of Homeland Security, a total incompetent and devout follower and adherent of Obama’s ideology, Janet Napolitano, left the state broke. And, Illinois, where the former governor, Rod Blagojevich, was too busy selling Obama’s senate seat to govern, left the state broke. One gets promoted for her incompetence and the other will just be another ex-Illinois governor to do prison time. And, you think we need political reform in this country?

I have observed, first-hand, how both states have tried to keep from running out of cash.

Illinois, first, the new governor, Pat Quinn, tried to raise income taxes. No dice. Then, he threatened to cut critical resources, like police, etc. Then, close state parks, etc. Things people really notice and care about. Never, never, any real discussion about the thousands of dolts that sit in offices and do virtually nothing or duplicate what others do, or, worst yet, add time and money to projects that would create jobs. If all of them went away, no one would notice. Or, to contract out government services, like motor vehicles. No, we don’t do that.

At every turn the media jumps on any proposal to cut expenses and make a plea to keep whatever it is. They go out to where 10 people protesting and film it and show it at 5 and 10PM. So, the politicians back off.

Arizona, same picture. Plan here was to add to sales tax. No dice. Cut critical things like police. Closed all the state parks.

Every proposal, media uproar. You see, the media lives in some world we don’t know. A world where money grows on trees and everyone deserves everything from the government. Talking heads don’t have to think, just read the teleprompter. Look at Obama.

So the cycle goes like this. No money in the budget. Try to raise taxes instead of cutting expenses. Usually that works. In today’s climate it isn’t working. Except in Washington, and the price for that will come in November. So, let’s have endless legislative sessions to discuss cost cutting. Start with the most critical areas for the public. Then, maybe, just maybe they will buy tax increases. Lot’s of media attention. But, the public isn’t buying the tax idea. If we cut the critical, we will all be gone in November. So, let’s really try to cut non-critical. More media coverage. Damn, we may get voted out for cutting non-critical expenses.

Now, it’s move to let the other guy cut. Keep my district out of the blood bath. Then, I can go home and tell the voters how I saved the jobs and programs in my district.

Now, we all see the truth. The way our political system works or doesn’t work today, all elected officials at all levels believer it political suicide to cut expenses. But, they fear it’s equally risky to add taxes. Again, except for Obama, who is so clueless, he will take the whole party down with him.

Checkmate. We, the voters have our elected officials in checkmate. With the media keeping them at bay on cost-cutting and the public on tax increases, they have no real options.

Until, we the real public, reward politicians for real cost-cutting, they don’t see any gain for the pain. Until we turn off the talking heads who are berating the cost-cutting and ignoring the fact that there is no option, we are the real reason cost cutting can’t happen.

I’ve written about Sheriff Joe, here in Maricopa, County, Arizona. Sheriff Joe epitomizes real cost-cutting. Need more jail space, just put up another tent. Price of food going up, just grow more with prison labor. Need revenue, just take over animal control from the county, do the job for 50% less budget, and do it better and turn it into a revenue generator rather than a cost area. Feed inmates for $3.50 a day, since they add value by doing work. Go out and clean the roads for the county.

The media and the local politicians hate Joe. Why? First, the media believes no one should be incarcerated in tents. Their ideology aligns with the ACLU. Remember, everything anyone wants should be provided by a benevolent government, even for convicts. So, the state of Arizona is broke, the City of Phoenix is broke, and the country of Maricopa is broke. If Joe is voted out or leaves, the country will need, mostly from the city and state, millions of dollars to build jail space. Millions of dollars to increase food budgets. More county jobs to clean up the roads Joe’s people clean. The animals will go back to the country and the budget will double. Who wins?

The media and the ACLU, certainly not the public. Banging away at Joe every day of the year, the media has damaged his approval rating and he might lose if he runs next term. Won’t that be a good thing?

This is a simple example of who stops expense cutting in government. First, it’s all risk and no reward for politicians. Next, it’s much easier to raise taxes and keep the expenses and avoid the risk. Third, if all else fails get help from the indifferent current federal administration. That worked in 2009, but may not work this year. Fourth, if you try expect bad media coverage. Last, if you have do it, try to make sure the other guy does it , not you.

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