Evan Bayh Retires

February/19/2010 17:25PM
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Evan Bayh says he won’t run for reelection. His stated reasons were the ineptitude of Congress and the rampant bipartisan politics in Washington today. He feels nothing can get done, no progress is being made, and being a part of that is unrewarding. If true, those are noble reasons to consider getting out.

But, other regimes have worked through those issues throughout the history of our country. If Senator Bayh is upset that programs that don’t fit with how the general public sees our direction, perhaps Senator Bayh is just out of step with public opinion. If Senator Bayh is in step and is frustrated with his party for being out of step, he is walking away from a good fight. There is a third possibility and it’s the one I find most plausible.

Senator Bayh is just another ambitious politician who smells blood in the water and really wants to take advantage of the problems his party is experiencing now. Perhaps Senator Bayh believes President Obama has squandered any opportunity to win a second term as president. He may see himself as the Democratic nominee for 2012. But, he wraps himself in righteous indignity and uses that as the means to distance himself from Obama and begin his campaign to unseat the Messiah. But, he may not see this as the very essence of America’s distaste with all of our politicians today. It seems that almost all of them prefer chicanery to truth. Rather than tell us now what his real motives are, he might prefer to use the typical snow job approach and tell us truth down the road. If that’s the case, I can only hope he pays a price for his artful dodging.

This may be an emerging trend in the Democratic Party. Next, we may see Hillary Clinton resign and begin to prepare for another run against Obama.

All of the hue and cry over Sarah Palin and none of the politicians get her mystique with the public. Sarah is straight talk. No Obama soaring rhetoric than no one can understand. Paragraphs of weasel words that say nothing but sound like classical music. Twenty six speeches on health care reform and no one knew what he was peddling.

It’s a product in high demand with the public. Honesty and simplicity. Tell us where you stand on the key issues in no uncertain terms. and stick to your guns. Sarah may not be qualified to be president, but she is teaching those who listen about the style of communications Americans want .

Bayh came across as a man who was truly frustrated and disillusioned with Washington. If he is lying through this teeth and is a man who wants a bigger office, shame on him.

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