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February/26/2010 19:21PM
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There are some interesting quesitons about the amount of data you are obligated to provide census takers when they come to your door this year.  To find out what they may ask you and what you may or may not have to tell them. Go To:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsDhkPym01k&feature=email.

Once again, our govenrment in stomping on the Constitution.  As the video points out, this is to be done every 10 years and the job is to count people. They are doing annual census on a sampling basis. No Constitutional right to do that. 

And, on the ten year basis, which is part of the Constitution, they have elected to pry into your personal life with quesitons that go far beyond counting bodies in your household. They want litle personal items like income, expenses, etc. They refused to respond to the questions posed by the gentleman in the video. Including, what the penalties are and the Constitutional basis for responding to personal questions.

You may choose to answer all the qustions when the census taken comes to your house. Or, you may write the Census Bureau and tell them you will not answer certain questions and request a response from the bureau ahead of time and ask them for a position and a legal reason why you should be compelled to respond to those questions. If enough of us write that letter, the Census Bureau must begin to address these questions. Or not.

Personally, I will not answer any question I choose not to answer. The Census Bureau letter will be my rationale for not resonding.  I will also have a lawyer letter to present to the census taker.

The visit to my house should be interesting.  I prefer not to have Rahm Emanuel know anything about me that he doesn’t need to know. After all, he won’t be there much longer, so why bother?

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