Bearing False Witness

February/18/2010 17:24PM
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There is no shame in the Obama camp. Biden, the village idiot in camp, seems to be the worst.

Last year he was trumpeting the jobs saved statistics. Seems like when stretching the truth is being tested to see how it polls, Old Joe, is the man for the job.

This week Joe pointed out to world how the Obama administration saved Iraq. Joe and Barack seem to think we are all brain dead. That we don’t remember that both Joe and Barack were always on the wrong side of every Iraq decision. Joe wanted us out. Barack said the surge wouldn’t work. The success in Iraq is despite the fools taking credit for it. The military in Iraq are still using the plans drawn up under Bush. If we had taken Joe and Barack’s advice, Iraq would be aligned with Iran working on nuclear weapons. But, here we are trusting people with flawed judgment to solve the Iran problem.

It’s bad enough to be wrong, but then to take credit for the work done by those who were right is a disgrace.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is still insulting Sarah Palin for her intellect. Yet, Joe, who must have the IQ of a cucumber, gets a pass. If you had 25 IQ points would you agree to do the stuff Joe does for the team? Wouldn’t pride creep in and you might say, “sorry Barack, I don’t think we can pull this we saved Iraq thing off. The public has a longer memory than you and I.” Why does Joe get a pass? He’s part of the in group. Those who believe they are smart because of the causes they support. Like Al Gore, who may have fewer IQ points than Biden, but is oh so rich right now because he was able to parlay the big lie into a fortune. Now, the ‘inconvenient truth” that global warming may be a farce has put Gore in the witness protection program.

All politicians lie. But, the current crop of Democrats have taken it to a new level. It may be a long time before anyone can do as much economic damage as Gore has done. It may be even longer before the Democrats find someone gullible enough to try to spin Joe’s line on Iraq.

God help us if we can’t get these scum bags out of office.

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