Take Back America in 2010

January/07/2010 18:26PM
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Lloyd Marcus produced a U-Tube that should inspire all of you who believe we need to have a big turnout at the polls in 2010 and build on the Tea Party work of 2009. Go to:


There is a good possibility, based on recent polls, that the 2010 mid-term election could bring the Republican Party the 40 seats in the House and 10 in the Senate to give the party a majority in 2011.

Obama’s job approval rating will take a serious hit in the next two weeks thanks to Janet Napolitano. And, thanks to his efforts to disarm our homeland security. Ben Nelson, if he had to run in 2010, would be trounced based on a poll in Nebraska. Guess the folks back home don’t approve of what he did to get health care reform moved forward.

The momentum is building and should continue to build as the Democrats shove through the health care reform sausage package. States and cities are in big trouble financially. None seem to be able to deal with the problem. Government expense just can’t be cut anywhere. Impossible. Unions and courts stop all proposals. The states are trying to get help from Washington.

Barney Frank and his friends have once again told Freddie and Fannie to keep bad loans alive to try to repair the past damage done when they told them to make sure every American can buy a house. Christmas Eve they gave both Fred and Fan unlimited capacity to borrow more from the US Treasury. At the same time, they paid both presidents $6 million for 2009. GMAC gets more too.

It’s up to the people to stop the insanity. Get involved in 2010. Do your part to make real change happen.

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