Recipe to Get Media Attacks

January/08/2010 16:09PM
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Here’s how you can be sure to get a full blown media attack. Daily and vicious. Personal, as well as professional. All forms of media-print, radio, and television. Local and National.

1. First, do your job so well that you have overwhelming public approval.

2. Save a county and a state millions of dollars. A county and state that is broke for all intents and purposes.

3. Do what the law says you should do. Don’t compromise. Follow the law. If the media wants you to be soft on certain aspects of the law, ignore them. Do what the law says you should do.

4. Be hard on crime. Give criminals no quarter. Make them live in a situation that will discourage repeat crimes. No frills, no taxpayer money spent on frills. Just keep them safe from themselves and you safe from them until they have done their time.

5. Thumb your nose at other politicians who don’t like how you do your business.

6. Ignore the media attacks.

7. Get re-elected, even though opponents imported thousands of dollars into a local election to get you out of office. Even though the media attacked you day after day.

8. If you find local judges guilty of corruption, take action. Even if the local judges are the darlings of the media.

9. Don’t shy from taking the media on. Treat them with the disdain you receive from them. No respect.

Who is this lucky person? Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa Country Arizona.

I have spent the winters in Arizona for the past 14 years. If you ever had any doubts about the media left-wing, liberal, progressive bias, explain this. Why should local papers, TV, and radio attack a lowly sheriff daily. It’s daily, believe me. Has been for the time I’ve been here.

Joe is the Anti-Obama. Obama closes Gitmo. Joe adds to his Tent City to house more and more prisoners in the hot Arizona sun. If not for Joe, the county would have spent millions and millions to add jails instead of tents. Obama will spend 2 or 3 million just to buy and fix up the prison in Illinois to take Gitmo detainees. Joe feeds the prisoners on less than $5 per day. Obama won’t feed a Gitmo transferee for less than $30 per day. Joe makes the inmates grow food, tend to animals and process their own food. Obama will feed the new residents of Illinois only the best and they will do absolutely no work.

Joe took on the work of the county humane society and saved the county over $10 million by using convict labor. Obama will hold a trial in New York and spend $200 million to do it.

Obama wants to give amnesty to illegal aliens. He better work fast, since Joe is rounding them up and shipping them back in AZ.

Obama is more interested in giving criminals, terrorists, and other miscreants rights. Joe is more interested in protecting the people of AZ from criminals, terrorist, miscreants, and Obama-like thinking.

The liberals in the media can’t abide Joe and his approach to his job. But, 80% of the voters can. So, the war goes on and on. The media uses hours and hours of their print space and air time to try to get Joe out of office. Their readership and viewership keeps going down and down, while Joe’s approval rating goes up and up.

Joe will win because he has the public behind him. The media will win most of them, but they will lose this one.

Kind of reminds you of Sarah Palin, right?

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