Progressive Politics is an Oxymoron

January/20/2010 17:24PM
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President Obama has stopped using the term Democrat and substituted Progressive. Hillary Clinton described herself a Progressive in the presidential campaign. Progressives see themselves being left of Liberals. Hard to do, but Obama has shown it can be done.

When you examine the work of progressives they are best at stopping progress. How can one be labeled progressive and do everything to retard progress? Oxymoron, that’s how. Like jumbo shrimp.

Let’s look at Detroit. It’s been run by Progressives for 40 years. Going back to Coleman Young, the liberal, corrupt mayor who put the city in the tank. Making the city a welfare state hasn’t worked real well. Detroit will be the first metro market to fall below metro status in population. California, New York, Illinois, and New Jersey are model progressive states. Like how things are going for them?

Progressives align themselves closely with labor unions. The organizations that killed GM and Chrysler and are currently shutting down the convention business in Chicago. Union costs and work rules at McCormick Place have driven long-term big conventions to Orlando and Las Vegas.

Progressives want bigger government. Central control. High taxes to finance all of this. Inefficient government wastes the money and reduces GDP. Less jobs. How can any of this be progressive?

Progressives include most environmental zealots. They have shut down energy production in the US and driven up energy costs and made us beholden to unfriendly foreign countries. They have attacked all forms of manufacturing with smokestacks. More jobs gone, more imports, bigger trade deficits.

Progressives are soft on crime. Kids can’t play outdoors or walk to school. Is that progress?

Progressive love regulation. Liberties are taken away every day. Is that progressive?

My term for progressive politics is regressive politics. Following the path they set out takes us in the wrong direction in every key arena.

The American people are getting a better definition of what progressive really means. Obama is educating the entire country.

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