Obama Goes to School

January/26/2010 16:44PM
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Obaama goes to schoolMr. Teleprompter takes his teleprompter to a sixth grade classroom. He talked to the kids without the teleprompter, but brought it along to talk to reporters about his education reform plan.

I’ll bet the kids were really impressed. The teacher probably has them give speeches Now, they will all demand a teleprompter. 

It is just further evidence that President Obama is a one-trick pony? He got elected for a singular talent. The ability to read a teleprompter. Amazing, isn’t it?

A good leader speaks from the heart. A community organizer turned orator speaks from the teleprompter. No emotion, no soul, no conviction. Just reads the fine words written by others. A community organizer, turned orator wears thin on the audience with zero heart..

A radical, left-wing Socialist teleprompter reader soon loses his audience. Campaigning for Coakley in Massachusetts proved just how tiresome his blather has become. Endless speeches on health care reform comes up a cropper. Reverend Wright never needed a teleprompter. He spoke from the heart. Delivered the hate-filled messages about America. Obama absorbed the messages but not the delivery of Wright. 

What’s next? Will Obama take the teleprompter to his next free hour on Sixty Minutes? Will he need it to talk  to Michele and the kids? When you have no real skin in the game, you can’t make a case for anything.

Bush was a terrible speaker. We elected Obama for his speaking skills. Bush was bad because he spoke from the heart most of the time and wasn’t smooth. Take the teleprompter away and Obama might be worst than Bush. Actually, Bush wasn’t all that bad with a teleprompter. 

Taking a teleprompter to a grade school. How bad can this get?

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