Media Keeps Blasting Sheriff Joe

January/24/2010 16:30PM
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It’s incredible to watch the extent of the vitriol all Phoenix media have for the famous Sheriff Joe Arpaio. There were demonstrations by Hispanics last week that turned slightly violent. The Phoenix police, not the sheriff’s people, were involved in dispersing the violence from a very few demonstrators. Not one TV station mentioned the reason for the demonstrations, nor did the Arizona Republic. But, they all covered the demostrations as lead items. So why were the Hispanics and other demonstrators upset?

Sheriff Joe enforces the law. When anyone is arrested in Maricopa Country they must give proof they are a US citizen. No proof, ICE is notified and they come and deal with the immigration issue. So, what do the media and the protesters want Joe to do? Do what most other law enforcement agencies do, ignore the law? Who really wants Joe to stop enforcing the law, other than illegals and their families and supporters, the ACLU and your Director of Homeland Security and Barack Obama?

This is a study in contrasts. This is one of the reasons for the backlash in the Massachusetts vote.

Sheriff Joe has been the sheriff in Maricopa Country Arizona for years. When the jails filled, he put up tents. He feeds the prisoners on $3.50 a day. They all work, either growing their own food, tending to stray animals until they can be adopted, or on the roads picking up trash. Joe has saved the taxpayers millions of dollars over the years. When he leaves office, the media and the citizens of the country will find out just how much he saves them. He will probably be replaced by an Obama-type sheriff.

An Obama-type sheriff will close a perfectly good prison because the ACLU wants it closed. And, the media, since most are just an extension of the ACLU. The same two groups that want Sheriff Joe to go away. But, to close Gitmo, Sheriff Obama will have to spend $300 million to buy and upgrade a prison in Illinois. Sheriff Obama’s men, Dick Durbin, first and foremost, have touted the boost to the economy in Thomson, Illinois. Hundreds of new jobs to support the 200 new arrivals. Fifty dollars a day to feed each one in Sheriff Obama’s jail. A mere $3.50 in Sheriff Joe’s next tent to handle 200 more inmates.

So one sheriff cares about spending taxpayer money. The other cares about how much more taxpayer money he can spend. Taxpayers are beginning to align behind the first approach over the second. Voters are tired of the ACLU and the media trying to run our country. Voters want more sheriffs like Joe and less like Barack.

The voters in Maricopa keep electing Joe. The voters in America made one mistake with Sheriff Barack and may not give him a second chance. Some people you just can’t trust with your vote or your money.

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