It’s Washington’s Fault

January/28/2010 16:07PM
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In the state of the union address scattered between the I’s and the me’s were several references to many of the problems facing the country and the president as Washington’s fault. Since in his first year Obama blamed George Bush for everything, I was beginning to fear he was blaming George Washington this year.

It remains to be seen, but I think the Fuhrer dug the hole deeper with this speech. This narcissistic, egotistical, deaf, socialistic excuse for a president really didn’t get what happened in Massachusetts. His message in a nutshell as I heard it was: I know what’s right for America and if Congress will just do what I want, America will be OK. That didn’t seem to be the message from Massachusetts.

So, Obama asked a shocked Democratic Congress to go back and pass health care reform, another stimulus bill, cap and trade(or something similar), spend more money on other new programs, and approve a budget freeze that will amount to $15 billion in 2011. And, continue the terrorist trials in NYC, since he said nothing about that.

He mentioned offshore drilling and nuclear power but failed to mention that his Secretary of the Interior, Salazar had just put out new regulations that limit offshore drilling. He spoke of having a police action in Iraq, then in almost the next sentence said we will have 100% of the troops out of Iraq this year. What do we call those troops who are keeping the peace?

Wrapping up, he chose to attack the Supreme Court for their decision on campaign finance. Where does a president get off publicly criticizing the Supreme Court, an equal. There is no end to the arrogance of this man. Unjustified arrogance, mind you. He has accomplished nothing in the first year, even with a big majority in Congress, including his first act, closing Gitmo.

The more he talks, the more Democrats running for election this year cringe. He is taking them all down.

He couldn’t do what Clinton did, move to the center. He basically told the Congress and the country, he has no intention to move center. He has no interest in listening to the people. He is a died in the wool far left progressive and will go out the door as that. Fortunately, before the door opens for him to exit in 2012, a few dozen of his party members will be asked to go out that door kicking and screaming that they didn’t have anything to do with what Obama did.

This man is truly scary. He is absolutely clueless. He is isolated and insulated in his own cocoon of narcissist bliss. Believing his words will change the tenor of a nation turning against him. His advisers are either incompetent or so committed to socialism they can’t tell the emperor he is not wearing clothes. His party, however is growing bolder. Seeing him as a liability for the next three years, some are beginning to speak out, and do so publicly. He may be the first president in history who is so polarizing he has created bi-partisanship within a party.

Despite the 70 minute diatribe, he will not get health care reform anytime soon. He will not get cap and trade. He will not get support for another stimulus bill. He may not even get his budget freeze, he may get something more meaningful. He won’t get his trial in NY. He may not get the funding to buy the prison in Illinois to close Gitmo.

Mr. President, you had your chance to show your country and your party that you got the message from Massachusetts, but you chose to give Massachusetts a message–I am right and your are wrong. The rest of the country now waits to give you the Massachusetts message–you work at our pleasure and we are very unhappy, so we will fix the problem for you.

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