Historical Vote in Massachusetts

January/21/2010 19:10PM
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Wow, how the mighty have fallen. Never in my lifetime have I seen a President screw up everything this bad in one year. Even Jimmy Carter took a couple of years.

I watched, against my principles, Rachael Maddow at MSNBC, as the Coakley concession came in, to see the reaction. She was with Chris Matthews who seemed to have lost that shiver down his leg. Rachael was suppressing projectile vomiting. She even blamed George Bush for this. Chris seemed to get the drift. He actually acknowledged this was a backlash on Obama. Rachel blamed nearly everyone and everything but Obama. Later Howard Dean, a wart on the rear of the Democratic Party, weighed in to say the party response should be to get tougher. I really hope Howard gets his way. If the party listens to Howard and Rachael the backlash will get bigger and nastier.

Massachusetts sent a message to the deaf Obama administration. Rahm Emanuel may play in Chicago, but not in Massachusetts. One voter even said leaving the polls, ” I was going to vote for Coakely until the Kennedy’s came in. The Kennedy’s aren’t going to run my life anymore.”

Nasty politics in Washington are resonating all over America. The antics to shove health care reform through doesn’tt set well across the land. Breaking campaign promises upset voters. Spending billions and trillions without conscience or concern isn’t popular.

Will the Democratic party leaders go to the White House? If they do, will anyone listen? The pundits are divided on this question. Most believe Obama is incapable of taking and responding to bad news. Most think he will proceed to shove the far left wing agenda without once believing he had a thing to do with what happened in Massachusetts. It was a bad campaign by Coakley.

I agree with them. The narcissist President will stay the course. He will create a circular Democratic firing squad. Many in the party will desert him like a bad smell. He will get few invitations to campaign in the fall elections. He is a one trick pony. A man on a mission to believe the country elected him to turn us into a banana republic consistent with his vision for the country.

If he pushes his minions, Reid and Pelosi, Durbin and Hoyer, and Barney and Schumer hard to ram health care reform through using Chicago politics, he will lose the rest of his term and any chance for a second term. But, he will try.

The arrogance and detachment of the man in unparalleled in public office. The judgment is forged by the limited experience of a community organizer. His one talent, reading a teleprompter is under criticism since it doesn’t fit situations where empathy and emotion is needed, like the Ft. Hood shootings. He is becoming toxic.

Cutting backroom deals on health care with unions. Telling the minions to get health care reform regardless of what it takes. Deaf to the wishes of the public. All practices that cost the Democrats the Massachusetts seat.

Bill Clinton recovered from problems similar to some of Obama’s. But, Obama is no Clinton. He is devoid of common sense and humility and takes no counsel from those who could impart wisdom. He has the answers and when he seeks any it’s from, Rahm Emanuel, a bad choice.

This will end up badly for Obama and the Democrats, but not for Americans who are so very worried about our country. It’s a remarkable election and gives hope to those of us who were seeking hope.

Thanks to Obama, we will be rid of his politics soon.

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