Global Warming and Prohibition

January/04/2010 17:16PM
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The 1-4-10 Wall Street Journal ran an article about the history of Prohibition in the US. Cited in the article was a reference to a prominent Yale economist, Irving Fisher, who predicted a ban on alcohol would guarantee a 20% rise in industrial productivity. He cited “scientific tests” that proved alcohol diminished a worker’s efficiency by as much as 30%.

A very militant ,anti-alcohol group called the Anti-Saloon League(ASL),was a small, but effective group numbering some 20,000 who were adamant that the country needed to outlaw alcohol. Passed and signed into law in 1919 by President Wilson, it cost the Democrats the majority in Congress as angry Americans voted for Republicans.

Only a few would suggest that Prohibition, which was the law for 13 years, was successful. It created a disdain for the law, in general, and even got some share of the blame for the Great Depression. It created anger for politicians who felt they knew what was best for the public. It was a fraud, an abject failure, and ended with a repeal of the 18 Ammendment to the Constitution.

It was a bad idea, supported by a small minority, that cost thousands of jobs and accomplished nothing. Supported by experts and science, none of the so-called scientific predictions came to pass.

Now in 2010 we have Al Gore, with his so-called science, his bevy of heavy believers, and his cause, Global Warming. Al wants all of us to sacrifice for his cause. Sacrifice lifestyles, jobs, pay more for gasoline and utilities, and bet the farm on the fact that it will be better for America based on his great wisdom. The guy who gave us Prohibition was the foremost economist in America at the time, Irving Fisher. Al Gore is the foremost snake oil salesman in America history.

One guy with credentials gave America 13 years of unrest and constant issues with enforcing the law. The other guy, with zero credentials, but soon with a billion dollars, wants to give you several years of heavy sacrifice with what may be zero reason and no results.

Will Global Warming be our version of Prohibition?

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