Elect A Businsessman President

January/29/2010 16:23PM
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America, as a business, needs an experienced turnaround manager. The country is a floundering business. We are outspending our revenue. The future for meeting our obligations is bleak. Revenues, even if the economy picks up, will never cover the future obligations on the $60 trillion in obligations to Social Security and Medicare.

The senate, before Brown is seated, raised the debt ceiling before we ran out of money. China now owns more of our debt than the American people. We owe China $900 billion and will probably owe them more since we have to borrow more. Since Obama took office, the debt ceiling has gone from $10 trillion to what may be $14 trillion by next year. More than the GDP. And, Obama wants more spending.

We have been through the cycles of electing attorneys, career politicians, and aristocratic sons of former presidents. This cycle has taken us where we are. We need a young Jack Welch, a man who took a floundering old established company, GE, and made it the most successful business in the US, if not the world. He left, and GE has been floundering.

America needs a leader who can fix all the messes that previous presidents have made. Someone who can make hard decisions and sell them to the people. Someone who can cut the size of government by eliminating waste. Someone who will put business people in the cabinet and hold them accountable. Someone who will sell non-performing assets like the post office, Amtrak, and Freddie and Fannie. Someone who has a proven track record in turning around businesses in trouble. Not a Mitt Romney who parlayed his father’s millions into a few more million.

A businessman who has made his millions and has no need to feather his nest or pander to others for power. Someone who has power and simply wants a new challenge. A one-term president who will tackle the problems and not worry about polls or the next election. A patriot who cares about the country and will do the right thing regardless of media fallout or Washington pressure. Someone who will just do the right thing every day. A person who can and will get us back on the right track.

There are people out there who can do this. The Republican Party needs to find one. A plain talking pragmatic leader who will lay out a strategy and sell it to the public like he has done to boards of directors and employees. Simple, straight talk. Someone who is immune to special interests. Unions of public employees, unions of teachers, rabid environmentalists, Hollywood, and others who have done much to put us in this hole.

Someone who will not talk about drilling in the US, but do it. Someone who can and will cut federal budgets to the bone. Someone who will protect us from terrorism. Someone who can deal with military as a leader. With respect for their sacrifices. Someone who understands how jobs are created. And, can fast-track that by cutting all the unnecessary obstacles that previous presidents have hung on job creations. Taxes, regulations, restrictions, lawsuits, and the hundreds of barriers and restrictions we have imposed on our businesses. Someone who can put together a cohesive energy plan that includes drilling, no more refinery closings, actually building nuclear plants, and tangible ideas not dreams labeled “green” that chew up money and produce nothing.

Never has the public been in a better frame of mind for this type of leader. No more 70 minute, weasel-worded state of the union addresses. Crisp talk that Main street understands. Spell it out. Why we need to make sacrifices and how the scarifies will work. Then back it up with actions every day, not words. Like Reagan when he fired the striking air traffic controllers. Like Truman when he sent the Enola Gay to Japan.

Someone who will set priorities. Priorities that fit our situation. Closing Gitmo, priority number 6,650,001, gays in the military number 10,299,004, global warming number 1,333, health care reform number 77, the deficit, number 1, jobs number 2, energy number 3, reforming the tax code number 4, and so on and so on. Any turnaround expert knows he can only focus on 6 main issues at a time. Obama showed in his state of the union message that he is trying to do several hundred and none are getting done.

How do we make this happen?

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