States That Elected Obama Losing Population and Unhappy

December/26/2009 19:50PM
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Is it coincidence or providence? Recent articles show which states are losing seats in congress and which states show the residents to be the least happy. Funny thing, they line up closely with the states that put Obama in office.

In a poll that shows which states’ residents are most and least satisfied with their lives, here are the states from bottom to top. Last New York, followed by Connecticut, Michigan, Indiana, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Nevada, Missouri, and Washington. Almost a direct correlation with the states that put Obama in the presidency. Are we seeing voter remorse here?

Next are the states that are projected to lose seats based on the 2010 census. Ohio would lose two seats, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania would lose one each. I guess the pony in the pile of manure here would be an encouraging trend that if this goes on long enough these states can’t put any more Obama’s in the presidency. How’s that entitlement program working out in your key states, Mr. Obama. Texas, with few entitlements would gain three states. If this redistricting had been in place in the last election, McCain would have gained 12 electoral votes.

Isn’t this ironic, the states that gave us the great social programs of Obama change are the least happy states and people are leaving for other states with lower taxes, less entitlements, and less regulation.

Rahm Emanuel is well aware of this. Why do you think he will be in charge of the 2010 census with SEIU doing much of the work?

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