Political Contribution Harassment

December/23/2009 20:27PM
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Groups that raise money for political parties and special interests have to be the dumbest people on the face of the planet. Practicing what I preach in this blog, I have made contributions to the Republican National Committee and other groups that oppose Obama and all he is trying to do to this country. By trying to do what I thought was the right thing I have destroyed my peace and quiet.

I average a minimum of 50 telephone calls a day from toll free call, out of area, and unknown cell phones, all from the Washington DC area. Who is calling? I have no idea since I almost never answer. When I do, it’s always one of the groups I made a contribution to earlier this year.

What will they get from this. I will never, never make a contribution to any of these organizations again. If they are so stupid they think it entitles them to call me once and week and disrupt my life they can all go pound sand.

I get four or five pieces of mail a day from the same groups. I don’t mind the mail. I can read it or not read it. It’s incessant phone bugging that gets my dander.

Michael Steele is a disgrace. To put together a plan to alienate the very supporters who want to help is abject stupidity at it’s finest. When they piss everyone off and get no more financial support who will they blame? Blame Bush, everyone else does.

My advice. If you want to support the change many of us want to see in 2010, go to the bank and get a money order and send it without any name or address except the one on the money order, John Smith. The Feds will be looking for old John for exceeding his campaign limits. Then go off to a different part of the country like I will for the next four months and let the phone at home ring off the hook. But, never, never, give the bums a dime in your own name. You might as well stiff someone and have the bill collectors on your case.

Fund raising in this country must now be staffed by unemployed torture experts from Gitmo. I find it very ironic that the groups that need money can spend so much on jerks who call twice a day. Why don’t you fire all of them and use the money for the purposes it was given.

Hope—there may be none left for any form of political intelligent life. They may all be crawling back into the sea from whence they came.

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