Nebraska Gets Paid to Trash America

December/19/2009 16:00PM
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Senator Ben Nelson and Nebraska should be very proud. They got paid to play. The senate gave Nebraska millions to put in the their Medicaid fund to get the vote Harry Reid needed to pass a very bad health care reform bill that will put a big hurt on the rest of the country. The rest of the country will have to pay the Medicaid bills in Nebraska forever. Not just the next few years, forever. Isn’t that great. I didn’t know the pride in Nebraska had sunk so low they were willing to go on welfare with payments to be made by states that are broke like California and Michigan.

Well, Ben and Nebraska, neither of you were well known for much around the rest of the country. Now you will be much better known. Known as the senator and the state that sold out for a few pieces of silver. High visibility is not always a good thing. Ask Tiger Woods. Selling out is never good, remember Pontius Pilot.

Political extortion is just another reason for the American public to get upset with Washington. Holding out to be the swing vote for money is political extortion. If you folks in Nebraska feel a few million is enough to reward your senator with another term, and can overlook the fact that he was the key vote to stuff the country with a bill that will be voted in on Christmas, go ahead. If you have any sense you will send him to pasture where he belongs.

This whole reeking health care reform process has been a train wreck to watch. Now the source of the rotting stench is clear. To the great state of Nebraska hold your noses. It must really smell there, right at the source.

The stink smells a lot like something Rahm Emmanuel might brew. Chicago politics moved to Washington DC is not pretty. You’ve just added a few million to the tea party.

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