Letterman is the Consummate Hypocrite

December/11/2009 18:58PM
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Every night David Letterman hammers Tiger Woods. So far, none of the 13 women who have come forward to crow about a relationship with Woods have been employees of Woods.

What kind of jerk would throw stones at a man who strayed when that man should be in court charged with numerous counts of sexual harassment in the work place?

The same kind of man who has yet to tell his first Obama joke.

The same kind of man who told a joke about Sarah Palin’s 13 year old daughter. A man who has done far worse than Don Imus and still has a job.

Anyone with any conscience who may or may not have dodged sexual harassment claims for having numerous affairs with employees might find it prudent to put Tiger’s problems off limits for his humor.

The Dixie Chicks lost a large part of their audience for making political statements about Bush. But, Letterman shows his flaming left ideology every day by keep Obama off limits for his normal jokes. A 13 year old girl is not off limits for a joke about ARod knocking her up. A golfer who is going through hell is not off limits for doing what Letterman did.

Letterman should have been thrown off TV for the Palin joke. He should have been fired for harassing female employees.

CBS is in pretty bad shape to ignore Letterman’s behavior.

Here’s my top ten reasons why Letterman is still on the air:

10. Pee Wee Herman is not available as a replacement

9. Based on the average age on 60 minutes, the retirement age at CBS is 80

8. Conan O’Brien is so bad CBS needs someone worse in the time slot to compete

7. Obama is protecting Letterman since he did an hour show with Dave

6. Viagra would drop the sponsorship if CBS fires Dave. He is their poster boy.

5. His show is so cheap to produce they can’t replace him

4. His new all-male staff is keeping him out of trouble

3. His agent is Tony Soprano

2. They can’t come up with a 4th CSI city

1. He has video of the President of CBS partying with eleven of his female employees.

Pretty funny, right Dave?

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