Labor Unions at Work

December/03/2009 18:57PM
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More and more conventions are choosing to move from Chicago and McCormick Place. I was involved with several conventions there years ago. No one can plug in a plug without a union card. Costs for everything were ridiculous. It was a smile and a wink deal, that’s how things work here in Chicago. Union workers who don’t work and bill ridiculous rates. All of a sudden the people who decide where the conventions are held have had enough. They are moving to Vegas and Orlando and the great Mayor Daley is under fire. What will he do, nothing. Revenue will be lost for businesses in Chicago and jobs will go too. But, not union jobs.

The UAW took down the auto industry in America. The trades unions are wiping out the conventions business in Chicago. But, our president has met 22 times with the President of the SEIU. He has promised he will get old Andy Stern card check to increase union membership across America.

Won’t that be great? Once again, as with Cap and Tax, poor people are far back in the line behind other special interest groups like labor unions and environmental groups.

How long can the Democratic Party claim to be the party that represents the poor and downtrodden? When unions come first and cab drivers and others in Chicago who depend on conventions for work are far down the line. When higher cost gasoline and electricity is less important to Democrats than appeasing nut job environmentalists, how do they explain that to the working family that can’t afford the energy prices now?

When helping Andy Stern unionize Wal-Mart, the place where the poor shop so prices can go up, how can that be in the best interest of the poor?

Democrats continue to try to work both sides of the street and the oxen being gored to serve the union goons and environmental kooks and the very people they profess to protect, something has to give.

Sooner or later the other party will awaken and try to highlight some of this injustice. Maybe.

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