Health Care Reform is Done

December/10/2009 17:30PM
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Every day the Democrats in Congress expose their stupidity to the public. Their approval rating is 27%, but it can still get worse. Watching them try to shove a health care reform bill through is like watching inmates at an asylum try to organize a ping pong tournament. The results will be the same.

Health care reform is not an emergency. It’s a political emergency but the world is not going to tumble down if it’s done next year. But, the Democrats seem to think they will all be toast if they don’t finish this before Christmas.

Harry Reid, a Senator who won’t be reelected, announced he has a deal. How did he get a deal?

Took the federal option off the table and replaced it with an option to add as many as 30 million to Medicare. Those over age 55. At the same time they will cut $400 billion from Medicare. This is to fund the non-public option that will be a non-profit insurance company run by the Office of Personnel, the group that runs the Cadillac plans the congressmen have.

My former employer and yours would drop insurance for every employee over age 55 the day this was passed. This would save them millions of dollars and meet all requirements to provide employees insurance options. Their cost $700 per employee per year in the form of a fine.

So, how does Medicare, with a looming forecast to go insolvent within a decade, take a $400 billion cut and take on 30 million more enrol-lees?

This whole 2,000 page mess gets crazier and crazier.

The process get wilder and wilder. Pass out millions to anyone who will vote for the package. Twist arms for those who disagree. Ask dozens of new congressmen to insure they don’t get re elected next year for this mess.

Slap together whatever it takes to get the votes.

Show us daily you are totally out of control and completely incompetent.

Keep up the good work. You will get that 27% rating down even more.

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