Government Hangs Out Another Not Welcome Sign for Business

December/14/2009 17:08PM
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California tried it. Creating the most hostile business climate in America. High taxes, onerous regulation, and excessive employee benefits. How’s it working California? Businesses are moving out? Wealthy businessmen moving out? Big hole in your revenue stream? Aren’t all those new government jobs you created filling the hole? Oh, that’s right government employees don’t produce anything. They don’t manufacture goods, they don’t create new jobs, and they don’t even show up for work many days.

The USA Today has a story this week about the shocking increase in government job growth and the escalating wages we now pay those government workers. Their average wage is now much higher than the average in the private sector.

When the Federal Government sets a hostile standard where does business move? Has the Federal Government set a hostile standard?

Let’s see whats on the plate for business. Tax increases. Cap and Trade, a tax increase. Health care reform, a tax increase. Card check, a way to get the union in your door. The pay czar. The Barney Frank bill that would allow the government to break up businesses. This creates a whole new bureaucracy that will have thousands of employees and billions in budget in no time.

So, we have a country with 10% unemployment and the highest combined business taxes(federal, state, and local), and we do everything we can possibly do to make it worse.

I really like the new executive that GM(government motors) hired that quit after 8 days. Does that tell you a little about how the car company you now own is running? Gee, I wonder why no one wants to work there? They can’t hire a CFO. Who needs one anyway, they have Geithner. He can show them how to avoid taxes.

Just to keep the ball rolling on hostility, the Dems passed a bill to raise the death tax which will go away in 2010 if nothing is done. Squeezed this in between working on the Bowl Championship issue and the flawed new health care reform proposal. So when the owner of a family business dies, the business gets sold to pay the death taxes rather than stay in the family. The same with a farm. Why does the money you worked and saved for to make things better for your family belong to the government? It doesn’t and it shouldn’t.

If we don’t defrock Obama and destory the power of Barney Frank and the rest of the fools that are hanging out the “not welcome” sign for business in this country, it will be too late. More and more will pick up stakes and mover to places like Ireland where the taxes are 11% and there are plenty of eager workers available.

Obama says he didn’t run for office to make things better for the “fat cat” bankers. True, he took millions in campaign contributions from them, but he ran to make the SEIU happy. His blaming the “fat cats” for the all country’s economic problems seems to ignore the damage done by Barney Frank, Dick Durbin, and Chris Dodd by making home ownership an entitlement much like health care.

When everyone, who works in the US, works for the government, who pays them?

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