Federal Government Adds Employees Raises Pay

December/22/2009 20:09PM
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The USA Today had a front page article this week about the growth in Federal Employees and the levels of pay they get. Several bills in Congress would increase this with new oversight of Wall Street and health care reform. It all brought to mind a blog entry I wrote last year on my prior blog: billrobertson.squarespace.com.

After reading this ,you tell me, do you want to increase the number of Federal employees and do they deserve the huge pay raises and levels of pay they get?

Here’s the prior entry verbatim.

“Think about it. In your lifetime what is the worst run company you have ever seen? Clue, it’s ten times the size of GM with over 2,000,000 employees. It loses money year after year. Big, big losses. This year it may be a trillion dollars. It has the highest absentee rate in history. In the past six years 20,000,000 hours of not working. Not sick days and hours, just employees not coming to work. Nothing it runs ever breaks even. Always loses money. You’ve got it, it’s the U.S. Government. The very company that is taking the U.S. Auto industry to the woodshed for poor management for the last 30 years. The organization has a new CEO, Obama, and he wants to expand into new businesses. He has no experience as a CEO, but no problem. He is a good orator and campaigner and an attorney, of course. Few corporate CEO’s are attorneys, but it seems to be a good educational background for the worst company in history. That may be a key variable in the lack of success.

Unmitigated arrogance. These fools who run this company have no shame about chastising captains of any industry for bad management. Whoa, who holds these fools accountable?

Something as simple as a penny. It costs more to make every penny than the penny is worth. But, that company keeps cranking them out. Even GM knows better than that.

Amtrak will never have more riders than they had in 2008. Made money this year, right, wrong, lost record amounts. More riders more losses. Post office, record losses. Mustang Ranch, never made money when the government ran it.

What are the shareholders doing? They are mad. Approval ratings of the management is at an all time low of 8%. New management is coming in. Will the new management do better? No, shareholders have already been told, losses will be bigger next year.

Who is wrong here, management or shareholders? Shareholders, of course. As long as the shareholders allow the management to operate without accountability, the shareholders are to blame.

How can the shareholders approve a plan to expand the scope of the government’s operations when everyone knows full well bigger operations means bigger losses. Why would the shareholders let this company run anything that can be outsourced to the private sector?

Even though the shareholders own the company, the structure does not allow for purging of the management. Every two years the shareholders get to choose between one group of bad managers over another group of equally bad managers.

Who would run a company this way? It will surely go broke some day.”

Funny, this article is even more critical than when I wrote it. Now, the government runs GM. And soon, will mangage your health care.

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