EPA Blackmail Strategy

December/07/2009 19:42PM
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Today, Lisa Jackson announced the big EPA blackmail strategy. The EPA will regulate carbon emissions. President Obama said he would rather have a bill from Congress. So, the Senate, knowing the American public wants no part of the Cap and Tax Bill, must face a choice between bad and worse. Isn’t life good in America today?

The public can choose between high power and fuel costs and higher power and fuel costs. No option.

Lisa Jackson, the flaming left-wing head of the EPA, backed by Carol Browner, the avowed Socialist who screwed up the DOE, will make the regulations as punitive as possible.

If the economy is truly turning around, this will set it back and make it worse than before. All coal powered power plants will need to spend millions if not billions to meet the EPA regs. All refineries will need to do the same. More than likely many will just shut the doors. Or, if they do stay open pass through the costs. Since foreign fuel imports will not be subject to the regulations, they will be cheaper. Two refineries have already closed. More will follow. Leaving us dependent on foreign fuel to meet transportation costs. And, that battery powered car you paid $50,000 for after the $10,000 Federal rebate will cost more to power up.

This is a big dream for the EPA nut jobs. They can regulate every aspect of the universe that emits any ounce of carbon. Cattle farming, apartment buildings, shopping centers, cars, trucks, power generation, factories, and anything that promotes commerce and jobs.

What can Congress do? They could amend the Clean Air Act and drop carbon as a danger to people. Or, they can pass Cap and Tax.

Meanwhile, Obama can go to Copenhagen and tout what just happened and pledge to achieve bigger goals on carbon than we can meet or afford. It’s the Chicago way. Divorce yourself from the problem and the solution. Either way, it’s not your decision. If the Senate doesn’t pass Cap and Tax, it’s their problem. Of course you agreed with the EPA blackmail plan, but your answer is always the same, pass the bill.

The only good news here is there is an election in 2010. The folks back home won’t forgive the Democrats running in 2010 for letting this happen. Walk the plank for Obama, fellow Democrats.

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