Candidates are Emerging

December/20/2009 15:19PM
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The Republican Party doesn’t need Mitt Romney, the man who put health care reform into Massachusetts. Reform that doesn’t work. They don’t need Mike Huckabee, the man who commuted the sentence of the man who shot four policemen in Washington state. No more McCains, no more Obama lites. There are candidates coming forth. Candidates who can appeal to the conservatives and the independent tea party people. But, no retreads please. Not even Sarah Palin. Sarah has the right platform, just not the intellect or spunk to pull it off. God bless Sarah, she can do a lot of damage to the Socialist Party in power, but she can’t run the show. So can Newt and Carl Rove. All hands on deck.

But, this is the kind of candidate who need to be speaking in 2010.
I have left a link below to a speech by Lt. Col. Allen West. It should take you to You Tube and his speech. If the link doesn’t work just search You Tube for it. This man is really inspirational and is running for Congress in Florida. I will be sending him what I can because he can express the conservative message with real fire and passion. I loved one of his lines, “The Constitution says to promote the general welfare, it doesn’t say provide it!” This former officer is a real keeper.

Then there is Congresswoman Michele Bachmann from Minnesota. Every time she speaks the Republicans who want to be center left cringe. She speaks directly to the tea party people. She doesn’t mince words. She doesn’t speak like a conservative and vote like a liberal. She was the one who said Obama was anti-American causing Colin Powell to back Obama. She was right on both counts. The party is better off without Powell. It is said that she is the member of congress the Republicans would most like to mute. Those same Republicans who took earmarks home last week while deriding the Democrats for doing the same thing. Liver lipped weasel talking Republicans who failed to do the right thing when they had the power in congress.

Let’s hope no one mutes the Allen Wests or the Michele Bachmann’s because they get it. They are espousing the change that needs to go to Washington. They are out there and they are slowly being heard.

These are the leaders who will take back the White House and the congress, not the Mitt Romney’s and the Mike Huckabee’s.

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