47% Approval and Dropping

December/09/2009 17:32PM
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President Obama, you are sinking fast. You are appealing to your 20% far left supporters. Despite your favorable media spin, you are dropping like a rock. America is angry, and you are fueling the fire.

You are being recognized for what you are. A Chicago politician who can read a teleprompter. No more, no less. You have surrounded yourself with far left nut cases, and tried to take the country in the direction you and your friends think we should go.

Spending at a pace that will make the country a banana republic. Blaming everyone for your failures. Trying to shove through a health care reform, but unable to describe what you want, and what the 2,000 page bill really does. Agonizing for months over Afghanistan and then announcing your plan at West Point and putting the cadets to sleep with a speech that hedges everything.

Trying to curry favor with the SEIU, the Teachers Union, the ACLU, and all your friends, is giving you a clear label. Now, 53% of the public can describe who you really are.

Trying to take the leftover TARP money and use it for Stimulus II after Stimulus I was a miserable failure.

We will be watching as you and Rahm try to use statistical sampling to take the 2010 census and overstate the Democrats to jerry rig the next election in the favor of the Democrats. This is Chicago politics at it’s very best.

Use the EPA to do the dirty work the Congress won’t do on cap and trade. Mayor Daley at his best.

You have driven a bigger wedge in the partisan politics than any president in my lifetime. You and your Democrats have to do all your work behind closed doors.

You are neither a leader nor a manager. Just a socialist orator. No more. In a center-right country you don’t fit.

Rest assured you have succeeded in only one area. You will guarantee that many of your Democrats running for election in 2010 will lose.

You may find most don’t want you near their home districts next year.

Congratulations Mr. President. You have become an abject failure in less than a year.

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