Walking the Plank

November/07/2009 17:21PM
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Tonight, Saturday, November 7,2009, as many as 40 Democrats will give up their seats in the House for the greater good of the diminished Messiah and the demented Speaker of the House. There will be no forgiveness in November of 2010 for those yes votes. There will not be enough campaign money or help from the Messiah to save their bacon. Talk about taking one for the team, this is a big one.

Worst of all it will be for naught. No self-respecting Democratic Senator will give up a seat. Seems like they pay better. Not so much in actual pay, but in what they can rake. After all, it was a million dollars in Illinois for Blagojevich to sell Obama’s seat for couple of years.

I was sitting with a friend yesterday when he called Congressman Bill Foster’s office. He had an inside phone number that actually showed David Hastert. Foster has the seat that Dennis Hartert held. Guess he hasn’t bothered to change the caller ID. The aide who answered was greeted with” I want Foster to vote no on health care reform.” He took my friend’s name and city of residence. When asked how Foster was going to vote, he said he didn’t know. Without the inside number, my friend would have gotten a recorded message.

If Foster votes yes, he has absolutely no chance to be reelected. This is a Republican District and Foster squeaked in on Obama’s coattails. As Dennis Miller said on O’Reilly this week, Obama’s coat tails are as long as those of a naked midget these days.” Go ahead Foster, vote yes, you are history anyway.

So, don’t despair, if Obama and Pelosi twist enough arms, it will only insure the Democrats lose control of the house next year. And, no harm, no foul, because the Senate will dump the bill. Win, win, best of all worlds.

Tonight, Saturday, November 7th, may always be know as mass suicide night. The House of Representatives will do the Jonestown thing, drink the Kool-Aid, and give it up for the Witch of Washington, Pelosi. Since her approval ratings are now 32%, what does she have to lose?

Americans don’t want Socialized Medicine. And, they will have their say next November. Foster, take 40 or 50 of your close friends and start walking that plank. Sharks ahoy.

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