Trashing Sarah Palin

November/18/2009 16:42PM
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Newsweek magazine, which may go out of business before the end of the year ran this cover of Sarah Palin. It was a picture Sarah did for Runner’s World magazine, not Newsweek. Newsweek  just chose to use it for their cover.

How far can the media go with  poor Ms. Palin? Why not put a photo of Michele Obama in shorts on their cover? With a rear shot, there’s a lot to cover the cover. Why not a shot of Joe Biden picking his nose? How far has so-called legitimate journalism sunk in America?

Why is Sarah the target  for abuse? Is it because she is an average American? Like the Tea Party people. A mother? A person with ideology that is so opposed to that of the media and celebrities that it chafes?

I doubt that Sarah can ever be president. She may be imperfect in ways that seem to count with us these days, but she is perfect is other ways. 

She stands for smaller government. Boy, do we need that. She stands for energy independence. No cap and trade. Drill here drill now. Stop the obstructionism to using cheap energy here at home. She does not favor universal health care.  She would cut government cost to the bone and not be influenced by labor unions, welfare users, Hollywood, the media, the elitists, environmentalists, or others in the long list of those who have wreaked havoc with our economy. She would cut taxes. She would be friendly to business. 

So, whats not to like. She draws huge crowds. The honest candor seems to strike a note today With politicians of both parties corrupt and arrogant, it’s a case of much needed honesty. Duplicity is best exemplified by Obama. He could look you right in the eye and lie like a rug. We’re all getting pretty tired of that .

Maybe it’s less important where you went to college and more important to convince voters that you will keep promises and do what you say you will do.

If you have a Newsweek subscription, cancel it. They won’t be able to stay in business long enough to complete their commitment to you.

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