Spinning Ft. Hood

November/06/2009 17:59PM
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Last night mainstream media began spinning the incident at Ft. Hood. Only Charlie Gibson dared mention that the shooter was a Muslim. Most news coverage that addressed that little tidbit claimed he was a recent concert to Islam. He is a life-long Muslim. He had been harassed by fellow soldiers due to his religious beliefs. Sure, most Major in the military get harassed.

Prior to the incident he was seen on a security camera at a 7-11 in traditional Muslim robes.

Almost no one dares mention the fact that he was yelling Allah Akbar, meaning God(Allah) is great, while he was killing fellow soldiers at close range.

The media, the government, and the Muslim community can spin this anyway they wish, but this was a one-man Jihad evolving from religious fervor. Christians don’t go on killing sprees due to Christianity. Jews don’t kill and wound nearly 50 people due to religion. Mormons don’t. But, Muslims do.

This was planned in advance. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was giving away furniture. He was sending goodbye notes. He had an agenda. He punished America and his fellow soldiers for waging war against Allah. He had actually been noticed for trying to covert patients to the Muslim religion. Any private psychiatrist would have lost their license for that. He had become a religious fanatic. To a religion that seemingly encourages this kind of behavior.

Personally, I don’t care what his family has to say to justify his actions. This is the media spin. The poor man was distraught about being deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. This man should be totally accountable for his actions without lame excuses. He should be sent directly to Gitmo. But, no, Gitmo detainees with the same ideas about their religion, kill Americans, will be brought here to wage that war just like Maj. Hasan did.

Other religions don’t have a core group of people who have a buring desire to kill another large group of people. Muslims do. President Obama said he “gets it”, well, he doesn’t “get this” for sure.

More people in jobs where they are expected to protect Americans better get it too. Remember the London subway bombings were engineered by well-respected Muslim doctors.

This was an act of terrorism. Pure and simple. Brought about by a Muslim fanatic who wanted to kill Americans in the name of Allah.

Do we want to live in a country where suicide bombings are commonplace? If not, we had better start looking at fanatical Muslims who are so dedicated to the Muslim sect that fosters Jihad or we will be there before we know.

The ACLU, the media, the far left, the excessively politically correct, and the current administration had better stop trying to protect these individuals living in our midst. They are at war with us. We need to be more vigilant.

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