President Obama Did You Notice the Tea Party Supporters Today?

November/03/2009 16:34PM
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On April 15, 2009 Tea Party Protesters all over America gathered to speak out with peaceful protests. These were not just Republicans, Democrats, or Independents, they were across the political spectrum. They were people who did not like the direction this country was taking.

These protesters were dismissed by the media. They were called names by the likes of Pelosi and Reid. They were ignored by President Obama who actually said he was unaware of the protests.

Today, on election day, many of the disenfranchised Tea Party people in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York went to the polls. Did you notice them today Mr. President? If you didn’t your Democratic friends who are up for election next year will notice. Clearly notice.

These are solid Americans. People who don’t buy government spending, deficits, health care reform of the kind you are proposing, cap and trade, card check, and the suppression of free speech.

These are Americans who wonder why Andy Stern, President of the SEIU had visited the White House 22 times since you took office. The same SEIU that beat up an African American at the St. Louis Town Hall Meeting 3 months ago and the two men have never been prosecuted despite numerous witnesses.

These are Americans who don’t believe we should own GM or Chrysler. These are Americans who question czars and the ideology of many of your friends. They believe our troops are more important than losing the Olympics for Chicago.

They don’t like much of what you’ve been doing since January. They are tired of your blaming Bush for everything. Going around the world and apologizing for America.

They may like Pelosi less than you. They think Biden is a babbling fool.

They don’t like the CIA investigations about Gitmo and they don’t like the idea that Gitmo prisoners get H1N1 vaccines before we do. They feel your only accomplishment was getting a dog and that took forever.

You are the main reason that Virginia has a new Republican Governor. You are responsible for the Conservative candidate winning in Upstate NY. You may have gotten a Republican elected Governor in New Jersey.

Your version of Hope and Change isn’t playing well anywhere. Except in your narcissist ego. This is the first of many slap downs for you Mr. President. Get used to it.

The majority of American don’t want to be like France. When my wife and I attend the Tea Party in Phoenix in April two people in front of us were from Russia. They had a sign: Left Russia, Came Here, Now we are becomming Russia. Kind of says it all, doesn’t it Mr. President? It’ going to be hard to blame this one on Bush.

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